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Friday, December 9, 2016

What I'm Reading This Week #49

It was a busy week.  We took the MIL out for lunch and shopping for her Christmas gift.  We weren't sure if it was something she liked doing or not but she requested it when she emailed the Mr about something so I'm glad I suggested starting this with her.

I'm running around in a Christmas frenzy.  I've got cookies to drop off to a friend this weekend and mah cookies are what he lives for every year so they have to be perfect!

But enough of my edge of sanity, let's get to...

The 7 Best Upper-Body Exercises for People Who Hate Push-Ups  (I certainly have the upper body part down now, that's for sure!)

Why You Really Shouldn’t Ignore a Flexible Spending Account  (We're doing one for the first time this coming year since I'm in a constant state of broken, at least our deductibles can be tax free)

10 Beautiful Snowy Red Barn Photos to Celebrate the Season  (Oh my heart!  I could just squee!)

12 Vintage Christmas Decorations We Wish Would Come Back  (There is just NOTHING like incandescent bulbs.  We just ordered 3 more sets from Target of ours. I refuse to convert on the tree.  I remember my paternal grandma's tree had those huge C9's on a real tree.  So pretty!)

10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Like Our Grandparents Did  (Grandma and Grandpa knew how to do it right!)

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Your Cookie Cutters  (Some good stuff right thar!  I use the pancakes trick a lot!)

16 Christmas Charts To Help You Survive The Holidays  (We need all the help we can get!)

10 Clever Ways to Display All Your Holiday Cards This Year  (Ahhh... so cute!  I might just do the "existing shelf" one but one my kitchen pass thru)

This Adorable Newborn Puppy Photo Shoot Will Make Your Heart Melt  (Holy crap cakes!  This even made the Mr make squee faces!!!)

This Dog Couldn't Contain Her Joy When She Met Santa In Real Life  (Now that is one happy pup!)

Turns Out, Meeting Bill Murray on a Flight Is Just as Awesome as You’d Expect  (I would give anything!)

Holiday shipping deadlines for UPS, FedEx and major retailers  (Getting all of my stuff ready to send next week!)

As you can see, I had Christmas on the brain this week!

Remember today is the LAST DAY to turn in your pics to share your Christmas decorations. Facebook message/email me one picture with the name you want used by midnight tonight to be included in the Christmas week post.  I've got a few, now just waiting on you!  :-)

What are you guys up to this weekend?

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  1. Can't wait to see all the pics of people's xmas trees. Keep 'em coming!

  2. I had a FSA for years, and I really liked it. Then my employer sponsored health insurance skyrocketed and I had to switch to a HSA plan (which I still am not happy about) and I'm not allowed to have both a HSA and a FSA. I miss the FSA. I used to pay deductibles and stuff out of pocket as much as I could and then send in the receipts and use that for Christmas money, and it was really nice if I had a big medical hit to be able to not worry about the timing of it.

    I like the C-9 bulbs too, and the pyramids and bubble lights are my absolute favorite. I grew up using tinsel on my tree, and still would but my cats would eat it and that would be really really bad for them. I almost lost one of them to Easter basket grass a few years ago. I'm pretty sure I have a poinsetta tablecloth around here somewhere.

    No pictures of my tree. I only have my unbreakable ornaments on it this year, and the bottom 2/3 is totally bare. I love my cats, but I do have work around them sometimes.

    1. Sounds like the spending account is worth it! I like that stuff like chiropractor and such can come out of it if need be but would prefer deductible goes first so maybe I'll finally schedule that dermatologist appt I've been putting off.

      They have edible Easter grass now...or just use Big League Chew! HA!

      I think it'd be pretty cool to see a "cat friendly" tree. Proves the struggle is real, yo! ;-)

  3. The barns; oh, the barns!! I'd live in one if I could. I'm going to send you a picture of my friend's dog who met with Santa - tell me the dog in the above article and this pooch don't look alike! It's freaky!

    Busy weekend ahead but am looking forward to it. I got a lot accomplished on the Christmas front and on the home front this week, so I'm feeling energized to keep going. Hopefully will get to the firehouse with boys' cupcakes before it snows. Hubs is working tomorrow so that will give me some time to move his presents into better areas without the dogs sniffing around. LOL


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