Thursday, December 15, 2016

Food Review: Halo Top Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Ice cream isn't one of my big tempations unless it's either sweltering hot in the summer and I'm passing a shake shop or it's already in the house for some occasion.  I rarely give in to the hype on "healthy" ice cream because I've been burned by them before.  Arctic something or other comes to mind, so I basically wrote them all off.  But I kept hearing people rave about Halo Top and read an article where a place had their whole staff try it with varying reviews.  The one thing they could all agree on is the chocolate chip cookie dough was the most amazing thing they ever shoved in their ice cream holes.  CCCD is one of my faves so when I saw it on sale, I thought we should give it a try, you know, for you guys.  ;-)

That's right, that says 360 calories per pint.  Meaning even if you suffer a break up and need to eat a pint of ice cream for medicinal purposes, you can still do a hard strength workout and burn it off.

Let's look at the rest of the nutritional info...

So let me get this straight, I could get almost 50% of my fiber and protein for the day if I ate this pint!?  What wizardry is this!?  Granted, I know I'd also be getting in sugar and such but if ever you needed a retort on how to justify it over other ice creams to the food police in your life, that would be it.

So how does it taste?

I'll be honest, I really had to dig for those pieces of cookie dough.  They're not abundant but it scratches that itch if that flavor is your jam.  While I think vanilla ice cream is about the most tasteless thing on God's green Earth, I can tell you that this vanilla is friggin' ah-may-zing!  It reminds me of the double strength vanilla extract I use which is like heaven in a bottle so that makes this heaven in a pint.

Would I get it again?  If I were craving that particular flavor of ice cream, no question.  I've yet to try the other flavors which are lower in calories but get mixed reviews.  A sale would be in order because I don't risk $6 per pint on something I might end up throwing away.  But it's nice to know this option exists if you get that hankerin' for some ice cream that doesn't break the calorie bank!

Have you tried Halo Top ice cream?  What flavors are your favorite?

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  1. It is so good that if you had put it in a bowl and served it to me without me knowing it to be "healthy" I would not have guessed - though I agree with the scarcity of the dough nuggets. There is sugar in this but at 7 g per serving that is acceptable to even diabetics (as long as you can stick to an actual serving of course).

  2. I really want to to try this .... but we dont get it 😭😭 i read that the cake sprinkles one is good too

  3. I tried Mint Chocolate Chip and liked it a lot. The sugar alcohol concerns me, but I would buy it again. Birthday Cake flavor is very popular.
    The next flavor I am looking to try is the Peanut Butter and Chocolate, which they are always out of so it has kept me away from the Halo Top. It's been on sale at the Kroger in our area for $3.99, maybe they have it at Kroger or one of their sister stores in your area.

  4. I tried the pistachio (I love pistachio ice cream) and I didn't like it. It wasn't creamy and the flavor was a little off. I'll try another flavor when it goes on sale again though.

  5. Huh, I've never heard of Halo Top so I'm going to have to look at my local stores here. One of the stores in town carries just about everything, so it's probably there. I'll be interested in giving this a try.

  6. The chocolate is good!
    The birthday cake one was overly sweet & kind of a fake sweet, and I like sweet and could barely do it.


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