Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Elsewhere: Sheet Music Paper Ornaments

One of the biggest things I needed when deciding what kind of ornaments I wanted on our vacation tree was portability and they can't take up much room.  I came across all kinds of "3D" ornaments in different shapes and difficulties and thought something like that would work perfectly.  So here's my version of ...

Here's what you'll need:

Sheet Music (Derp!)
Hole Punch
Cookie Cutters
Bakers twine or string
Scissors (not pictured)
Mod Podge/Glue (optional)
Glitter (Optional)
Ink Pad (Optional - not pictured)

Whenever I see big sheet music books at garage sales or antique stores, I always get them.  They come in handy for a ton of crafty projects including this one!

Grab your sheet music and a cookie cutter.

Start tracing the outside of the cutter to fit as many as you can.

I got 8 out of this page.  Yes I did two sideways because the Mr does not care if two are sideways and neither do I!  :-)

Start a-cuttin'!

When you get them all cut, stack them on top of each other.

Staple twice in the middle.

Try to get as close to the same spot if you can.  As you can see, I kind of failed on that one.

Hole punch the top for the string.

Fold half of the pages up toward the staples at the front and the other half toward the staples in the back.

That will give you the 3D effect!

Time to get your twine on!

Slip it through the hole and tie it all purty.

How cute is that?

You can also do other shapes like this cute mitten (or state of Michigan if you prefer)

Or even a fun bell.

You could totally stop there and be done.  But lets say you want to give a colorful flair?  Here's what I did with a holly leaf cookie cutter.

Repeat the same steps...

Grab a paper towel, ink pad in the color of your choice and some TP or more paper towels to blot the ink.  Hold it in the ink and run it along the edges and slightly on the paper.

Then it was time to staple.

I have a bag of these little jingle bells so I thought this would be perfect to use as the berry.  I grabbed some red paint I had and gave the bell a little makeover.

Hole punch each end.  One for the string and one for the bell.

I tied a piece of thread through the bell and triple knotted it.  Then did the same when I got the correct length after running it through the bottom hole.

I ran the bakers twine through the top hole and it's all ready to hang!

What about when it's time to store them?  Depending on how many you make and if they have any extras dangling, you could easily keep them together with a binder clip.

Three ornaments take up hardly any space at all!

Or you could slip them in a normal letter sized envelope!  This would fit about 10 ornaments.

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  1. These are so pretty! I remember my mom having a couple of these kinds of ornaments on her tree when I was younger and I was always drawn to them. I don't think hers were handmade though, but I could be wrong.

    1. They are really easy to do and could even be used as cute gift tags for presents too!


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