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Friday, December 16, 2016

What We Watch for Christmas

Some links of a different kind for ya this week!

Scrooged- (affiliate link)  It is just not Christmas without a trip with the ghosts and Francis Xavier Cross.  I love that so many of Bill Murray's brothers were in the film with him.  Definitely a quoter for us and whenever it's time to kick people or their stupid behavior to the curb, it's never without first saying "scrape 'em off Claire."

A Charlie Brown Christmas- (affiliate link)  Who doesn't get warm fuzzies when you hear that brush cymbal of Vince Guaraldi Trio kick in?  While it's not until you're an adult that you realize that Charlie Brown is surrounded by unfeeling douchebags except for his trusty friend Linus, it's still a classic.  These days they may treat ol' Chuck for depression.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas!-   (affiliate link) This is the original, none of that creepy Jim Carrey stuff for this household.  Just sweet Cindy Lou Who, cartoon Max and the carved roast beast.

The Santa Clause- (affiliate link)   This original holds a special place in our hearts.  It was the Mr and I's first time finally taking a spontaneous trip to Chicago in our dating years.  We saw this movie in Water Tower Theater which is unfortunately no longer there.  I remember silently crying thinking of how beautiful that moment was sitting in those plush red old timey chairs watching this beautiful Christmas movie in one of the most awesome cities with my honey.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (affiliate link) Who doesn't love this Rankin and Bass classic?  I know kids today may think the stop motion looks dated but think of all of the time and patience it took to make that come to life?!  I always want to scratch Rudolph's furry bum when he's drinking from the river.

Home Alone (affiliate link) I HATED Maculay Culkin when this was out!  I refused to see it in theaters and probably didn't watch it for like 5 years after it came out and it became one of my faves.  Actually, I think it was after our Chicago trip when we saw The Santa Clause and since it took place in Chicago, I wanted to see the movie.

Home Alone 2:Lost in New York- (affiliate link)  I know we're in the minority on this but we like this more than the original!  Something about Christmas in New York...SOOO many great one liners and our other Christmas tradition on Christmas morning is uttering Fuller's famous line..."it's Christmas mornin' man!"

A Christmas Carol (affiliate link) Many have played the role of Ebeneezer Scrooge but the Mr and I feel no one played it better than Patrick Stewart.  He was so great in this TNT production and it's not Christmas without it for us.  Plus fans of Dominic West from The Affair can get a view of him as Scrooge's nephew, Fred.

The Santa Clause 2 (affiliate link) While nowhere near as good as the first one (we're not even discussing the third one!), this is still endearing for the Christmas party scene alone.  Talk about reducing me to a puddle of tears every single time!

A Christmas Romance (affiliate link)  This one is a little cheesy and definitely a Hallmark movie of mass proportions but I'm a huge Olivia Newton John fan so it's a must for me because she's so dang adorable.  She stars with her real life daughter Chloe back when she was all sweet and innocent.  It doesn't hurt that the dude from Trapper John MD is in it too.  Oh crap, I REAAAAALLY dated myself.  (I remember my mom drooling over him when I was a kid!  LOL)

So those are our favorite must watches for the Christmas season.  I know people are going to ask where Christmas Vacation, Elf and A Christmas Story are but those just don't resonate with us for some reason.  There was a really sweet Hallmark movie last year with Winnie Cooper called Crown for Christmas.   (affiliate link) If they replay it, I suggest giving it a watch.  It may end up in our DVD collection!

What are your must watch specials/movies for the Christmas season?

*This post contains a Santa's sack of affiliate links for your holiday viewing pleasure.

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  1. My list is basically your list. Only thing I might add, depending on the year or length of time since last viewing, would be The Year Without a Santa Claus mainly just to hear the Heatmiser song.

  2. I like most of those, although I'm not a huge fan Santa Clause (1 or 2) and I've never seen the ONJ movie and probably won't.

    Charlie Brown is probably my absolute favorite on the list. It isn't Halloween with Charlie Brown, and it isn't Christmas without him either.

    I do like Christmas Story, it's a must see for me, and this year I found out that there is a Christmas Story 2 which a lot of people hated, but made me laugh my butt off. I'm ordering it for myself "from Santa" this year.

    I also enjoy the stop motion movies, and so does my 10 year old.
    We really like Frosty the Snowman too, which is not technically a Christmas movie but we tend to watch it at that time.

  3. I love all the Christmas Carol/Scrooge movies...and I think my favorite might just be the George C. Scott version. And A Christmas Story for sure! I feel like I was meant to live back then....

  4. Scrooged is my absolute number one! My list also includes A Christmas Story and Elf.
    But, for me and my husband, also for sentimental reasons, Die Hard is the one we cannot do without. It is reserved for Christmas Eve with Chinese food, after we've fulfilled any familial obligations...this is just for us. It's just not Christmas without Die Hard and dumplings by the glow of multi-colored lights.

    Oh yes! Heatmiser! So great.


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