Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Wrapping Paper Wrangler

Last year I came across a post somewhere about ways to get organized for the new year.  I think it's pretty normal that many of us will make the new years resolution to finally get organized but I finally did...at least on this front.

See, I have a serious Christmas wrapping addiction.  Snoopy at Hallmark?  I'm on it.  Rudolph at Target?  There, dude.  Santa with that classic retro look?  Two rolls, please.  The Mr rolls his eyes and says "enough on the paper!" but then sees my excitement and can't deny me.  I thought I had it wrangled properly in a large plastic wrapping paper container with a lid but once they started making those super tall rolls, they wouldn't fit.  I have a large green and red fabric wrapping paper holder and it fits the larger rolls but it's full and has some sticking up out of it.  These wranglers reside in front of the heap under our stairs where our suitcases or seasonal bins are.  Instead of moving them before raking a suitcase over the area, the Mr would leave them there and then rip, bend or knock over the paper rolls.  Maddening.

Why didn't I move them?  Because we live in a shoebox and space is limited.  But when I saw you could alter an over the door shoe holder to fit wrapping paper and it would be out of the way of the Mr's cross-hairs, I was all over it!  I'll apologize ahead of time for crappy lighting because between the overhead light and having to have the door open, it's not my best work.  But I know y'all aren't all judgey like that so we cool!

Here's what you'll need:

Over the Door Shoe Organizer (this is the one I used) (affiliate link) 
Cardstock (optional)
Bakers Twine (optional)
Hole Punch (optional)

Let's get this wranglin' started!

Hello organizer!

We're going to be cutting the 3rd, 4th and 5th rows.  We will NOT be cutting the top two rows or the very bottom row.  I've made it pretty clear below in case you need to glance back  and don't want to re-read.

You want to cut the bottoms of each pocket in the rows mentioned but don't cut into the piping below the pocket where the stitching is.

Like so...

Once you cut all four pockets across for the three rows mentioned, you can see how this is going to help keep my addiction in line!

Now to move on to the top.  This is how my ribbons looked for the past 20 years.

This is how they look now!

It looked so pretty and organized, I decided to hop over to Picmonkey.com and design some labels for each one.  I didn't need them but I'm a nerd so I made them anyway.

Then because the pockets were made of mesh, it was easy to just punch a hole in either end of the tag and tie them on with bakers twine that matched the colors of the organizer.


This would be perfect hanging on the inside of a closet or the back of the basement door if you didn't want it taking up any more precious space elsewhere.

I've been using it this past year and when it was time to wrap Christmas presents, it was nice to have almost everything in one place.  I will admit, about 6 more rolls didn't fit in there.  But it'll give me incentive to use the ones in the wrangler first so I can move the superfluous rolls in this baby!

If you are buying your wrapping paper for next year on clearance right now, this would be the perfect way to store it!

How/where do you store your wrapping paper?

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