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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A little Fall etspiration

Can you believe it's the last day of August!?

I can't say I'm sad because September starts my favorite time of year.  I've just been biding my time in the A/C and hoping that autumn gets seasonal real quick because I'm so over the heat and humidity!

It got me in the mood to see what Fall decorations are out there so I thought I'd peruse Etsy.  There are some super cute things out there by some talented folks!

Golden Paisley

I just love the metallic gold paint against that rusty orange.  Totally gets me in the mood for Fall!


This cracked me up and sounds like something I'd say!


I remember seeing felted animals and such at the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival last year and fell in love with the look.  These are super cute!


How cute is this!?  I especially would love one wrapped in all crocheted ribbon like that.  It's so romantical to quote Chi Chi of To Wong Foo.


Oh my gosh, this took me back.  My mom and grandma used to have a craft store back in the day and we were always going to bazaars all the time for them to sell their wares.  This reminds me of the tables of stuff people would have as I wandered around looking for trouble to get into.

Well, I've got stuff I should probably be doing other than scanning for stuff I have no room for but it is always nice to see what's out there.

How did your August treat you?  Ready to start decorating for Fall yet?  :-)

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  1. I am ready for fall but, like you, I want it to be a seasonal fall for a change. I am ready for cooler nights and warm days with cool breezes and low humidity. That cross-stitch pumpkin (I think that is how to describe it) takes me back too. My Mom would make cross-stitch items all the time. I remember when I was really big into Pac Man she made me a Pac Man cross-stitch key-chain thing. I didn't have any keys at 9 years old but I still thought it was awesome... Hmmm, where is that thing? I have tons of keys now!

  2. It's been so much cooler here this last week, and nights have cooled off nicely for comfortable sleeping. It's supposed to be hotter again next week, but the daytime temperatures don't matter so much to me now since I'll be at work with A/C, as long as it cools down overnight I'm good.

    I don't do much seasonal decoration. I don't do much decoration at all really and my place is pretty bland. I always see such cute things but can never figure out where they'd look good or where I could store them in the off season.

  3. Everyone of these is darn adorable! I'm sooooooo ready for Fall! August is usually my least favorite month for the summer (probably because school always started at the end of the month) so I'm thrilled to see the calendar turn over to September. Today is a gorgeous day out with the humidity gone, but I'd be happy for it to be a good 10 degrees cooler (selfish of me, I know). I've noticed a few leaves already starting to turn and I have a feeling with all the rain we've gotten that the fall colors are going to be superb this year. At least I hope so!

  4. So ready to decorate . I love cute scarr crows and straw people.

  5. Yep, in fact I was so ready, I went ahead and decorated today. We're having the family out tonight for hub's late birthday dinner, and tomorrow IS Sept. 1. I figured close enough. LOVE FALL!


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