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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Boysenberry magic shoes

Happy Tuesday all!

Yesterday was pretty productive.  I got some Christmas crafts done.  (Yep, still workin' on those.)  I was bummed that the Christmas in July Christmas music was over with on the music channel.  It helped set the mood when I was working on them.  

I think today and tomorrow I get my new shoes.  When you have big, wide feet and don't want to look like Walt Disney threw up in technicolor on your feet, your choices are very limited.  Basically like three.  Here's an old lady, Herman Munster clunkerf**k shoe.  Here's a pair with velcro on them.  Here's the ones you're going to buy.  I was literally in tears after looking for three days straight online.  The doc recommends Brooks based on my overpronation and needing a wide toe box but those are either boysenberry colored or black.  God forbid they should carry white ones.  So those will be my workout shoes (the black ones) then the Saucony Women's Grid Omni Walking Shoe  (affiliate link) (replacing them) but I'm putting in some pronation orthotics in there to try to correct the massive issue that is contributing to this horrid condition.  Pffft.

We did Walk Away the Pounds and when I was doing the bent side steps, the ankles said "nope, stand up fool."  It was the kind of pain that tells me I need to get on the balance board...which you know, is off limits right now?  *bangs head against wall*  

I noticed we had a buttload of Fairlife skim milk and I had a goodly amount of extra calories for the day and the Mr was low so I changed up dinner.  Instead of Chinese with shrimp, I did the Mr's requested lemon pepper pasta with homemade roasted garlic alfredo sauce.  

Man, I can't believe how easy homemade alfredo is.  We don't have it often but I'll never buy that stuff again!

Then I streamed about 2 hours worth of 80's commercials from YouTube.  OMG, I want to go back.  Calgon...take me away!

What are your favorite everyday walking shoes?  Any other overpronators have any suggestions for shoes?

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  1. I like Brooks Ghost 8 series. They have one that is white with only a bit of silver. Very understated (check zappos for them, I just bought three pairs). They also have bright colors which I dig (my three pairs were two wild colors and one white/silver).

    This is my third time buying the Brooks Ghost 8. I walk 42 miles per week plus wear the shoes as my daily footwear. The only thing I have to do is replace the insoles after a month or so (when my feet start getting achey, time to call Dr. Schols).

  2. It is hard to find good shoes and once you do there is always that break-in period where you don't know for sure if the shoes you got are going to be right until well after it's too late to return them.

  3. Oddly enough I should be an overpronator because my feet are close to being flat, but when you look at my shoes, they get worn out on the outside instead of the inside. Leave it to me to have weird feet. That being said, I stick with Asics Running Shoes and look for the "stability" type that help with pronation. I have a pair of cross trainers from Asics that I bought, and while the foot bed is super comfortable with a wide toe box, there isn't enough arch support. So that told me I really do need to stick with running shoes. I've worn Brooks and Saucony and have done okay with both, but I find they are heavier than Asics and the lighter weight shoes seem to be better for my knees. The one shoe I cannot where at all is New Balance. That about destroyed my Achilles tendons so I do not go near them anymore. Most people like them but my feet scream in protest.

  4. Shoebuy online has lots to pick from. Have you tried that site? They have some good promos, as well on occasion. Hope this helps!

  5. Please post the recipe for the lemon pepper alfredo pasta, it looks so good!!

  6. I've been getting my tennis shoes at Big 5 Sporting Goods (I think a national company) and I've been happy. They have a pretty good selection of a variety of brands/styles/colors and they have pretty regular sales so I can usually find something marked down. They also have honored past sales for me which is a huge plus in my book - if that shoe has been on sale, like ever, they let me have that price. I'm not sure if it's company policy or if I've just been lucky. I like Asics, and lately I've been buying Fila brand - but I do have orthotics that provide the support & stability the shoes may not on their own. I just automatically swap out whatever insole comes with them for mine.


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