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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Strike that, reverse it

(I can't be the only one to think of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory  (affiliate link) when I hear that, right?)

The reason I say that is because while I had grand plans to paddle on the coolest day of the week, I did too much during the day to be able to be up for it come the evening.  So I suggested we walk at the park.  When we got there, there were a gaggle of high school girls (likely track) that were stretching and I could tell the Mr was like "yeah, I want no part of them running past us on the trail."  Luckily they were stretching post run so we never encountered them.  We took a different way onto the trail to avoid them and instead of taking our usual route, I turned onto the trail so that our usual end was now the beginning.  It is so crazy how different it looked from that small change!

Like that hill is one we're usually coming down and we have to hold hands so I don't tumble head over ass or hit a gravel patch that will send me unwillingly into the splits.  But dang when you're going up it, it's like "please God, don't let me encounter someone else" and He's like "you mean like this lady?"  Then you have to regulate your breath for a moment as you smile when you pass to not look like you're sucking wind.  I wasn't sucking wind, it actually wasn't bad, I was more worried about how hyper-extended my left leg was and was just trying to push up the hill without blowing my Achilles on nature's warped wall.  (I see American Ninja Warrior is taping right now so that came to mind.  LOL)

It was SOOOO nice out.  I think maybe 80ish and the lightest of breezes and in the shade it felt even better.  So even though we took the harder route, it was nice to see the trail from the reverse angle and it felt like a whole different park!  I can't believe in all the years we've been walking there that we never walked it in reverse...DERP!

When we got home, I immediately got ice on the leg and got to work on dinner.

Orange Mahi with sweet potato gnocchi and roasted carrots.

The Mr combined my love of old ladies and his love of his new game and found some elderly lady who games and streams her gaming sessions on YouTube!  She's like 80 years old and she was ranting about how some commenter was trying to tell her how to do something and it didn't work and she got pissy.  It was kind of funny.  But after listening to her be kind of hostile all through dinner and 10 minutes after, I was at my limit.  Still pretty cool that at her age she's a gamer!  The Mr worked on a project for me and I hopped on here to talk to you guys whilst listening to The 1975 and jacking up the heating pad on my back.

Oh and I looked at some Christmas gifts that came in too.  So I've got one person done, my mom is about 40% done, once the Mr gets some more affordable options on his list, I can click away and be done with him in 5 minutes.  In about a month or so, I can ask one of the grandma's what she wants and thankfully she's always very specific and expects I'll get her what she asked for but I always throw in a trip to her favorite candy shop for her sugar free chocolates and then I bake a loaf of whatever she wants.  (That's the problem when you post you're baking banana bread or something like that on social get requests from multiple people!  LOL  But I'm well stocked this year with about 20 mini paper loaf pans so bring it on!)

It's supposed to be low 80's today and sunny.  Quite a welcome change from the past 10 days of doom and rain but I'm not complaining because we needed the rain.  Oh yeah that reminds me, I should water the plants since God isn't going to now.

Have you ever walked a different route in the same place and had it feel totally unfamiliar?  Anyone start their Christmas shopping yet?  :-)

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  1. It was really weird how different it was walking in the opposite direction. It was hard to determine exactly which part of the path we were on at times and kind of a fun way to experience it like new.

  2. The main park that I go to is so cool because there's a few different ways you can go on the path. I've made it a habit to go a different way every time, especially when I was going daily. It really does make a difference with how things look and I find I'm not nearly as focused on getting it over with, but rather find myself really looking around and focusing on the nature around me. Keeps me from getting bored and it gives the dogs a different angle to sniff. Ha!

  3. So much time and so little to do.:)

    My city park just has a walking loop around it, but even then going the other way around kind of gives a different perspective. You see the other side of people's houses across the street, the other side of the trees, it's kind of fun to switch it up even though the view is nothing spectacular.

    It's rained some here, but if it doesn't rain today (30% chance) I need to water my lawn and plants tonight.

    I actually did start my Christmas shopping. I have a friend that loves knit hats, and I found a really cool one at a craft booth at Cinco de Mayo. First time ever I've gotten my Christmas shopping started in May. I'm sure I'll wait until the last minute for everything else though, like I always do.


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