Monday, May 11, 2015

Product Review: Special K Protein Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch

There are some mornings where doing some big production is just not in the cards for breakfast.  I usually grab Honey Nut Cheerio Medley but this caught my eye in the cereal aisle.

Cinnamon and Brown Sugar is my jam regardless of what form it takes so I was up to give this a try.

Here's a peek at the nutritional info:

The texture is very light and puffy...almost like Cap'n Crunch.

I add some chia seeds to it to add even more protein and fiber power.  It does taste good and makes for some yummy milk to drink when it's gone.  I will say I couldn't sustain myself on this alone, I need to have a banana with it to keep me going all morning long.   I appreciate the protein bump in this but without that banana it's not quite as filling as if I'd had the same amount of protein in something like eggs but that's just me.

This may make another appearance in our pantry when I need a break from my normal cereal since I seem to have an aversion to oatmeal right now.  This could also be a great alternative to crunch up and make a sweet, crunchy coating for chicken too!

What's your favorite healthier breakfast cereal?

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  1. That does sound good. I'm not a huge fan of cereal in general, but I do like shredded wheat and occasionally get a weird craving for Raisin Bran.

  2. I hate to admit it, but I am on a Cap'n Crunch Berries kick right now. No nutritional value whatsoever, but so sweet and crunchy. I kept my Grandson three days last week, and he loved the berries! He has eight teeth, all right in front, "Crunch, crunch," I would hear, when I'd hand him a berry. Du eats shredded mini wheats and raisin bran. Much healthier than me.

  3. I'm a Cheerios fan and I really like Life cereal too. I like the idea of the chia seeds, I've never thought of that and I think it would help carry me through.

  4. I like Kashi Heart. . .something or other. Not the one that looks like twigs but the one that looks like dog kibble (I call it "puppy chow"). It has a good texture (like cereal, not cardboard or tree limbs) and it holds up in milk. Lightly sweet, too.

    (if we're talking junky cereal, I love coco puffs. . .but I consider them "cookies" and don't buy them much at all anymore. . .but I do still love them and the chocolately milk they leave behind)


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