Thursday, May 28, 2015

Movie mania

We have been on a renting spree the past two weeks.  On vacation we rented Mortdecai with Johnny Depp.  Our local video store is now doing rent three, get one free.  They hooked us.  So our last day of vacation once home, we rented four movies:  Just Before I Go, Cake, The Boy Next Door and Fifty Shades of Grey.  Then last night, we rented Taken 3, The Loft and Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

Here's my two cents on the movies.

Mortdecai -  (affiliate link) Johnny Depp, Gwenyth Paltrow.  Honestly, this movie looked completely stupid so we went in with no expectations.  I am always intrigued when Johnny Depp does comedy though so it's kind of a moral imperative.  Depp plays a shady art dealer seeking a stolen painting that has a code for a Nazi bank account that supposedly has a ton of riches inside.  Since he's in dire financial straits, he goes on quite the jet setting adventure.  It's all so absurd, it's actually funny.  The Mr and I laughed quite a bit and while it's not one we'd need to own, it was a good rent in the right mindset.

Cake(affiliate link) Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick, Sam Worthington- I was looking forward to seeing Jennifer Aniston in this role.  I heard she was excellent.  She plays a woman in chronic pain after a car accident.  When she finds out a fellow group member killed herself, she becomes obsessed to find out why.  It's not exactly the most uplifting movie but it is a role in which she truly should've gotten more recognition for.

Just Before I Go -(affiliate link)  Seann William Scott, Kate Walsh - I love Seann and I was glad to see he had a newer movie out.  Seann plays a man who was left by his wife for being too boring.  He goes back to confront the people in his childhood who made his life hell before he kills himself.  It sounds like a depressing movie but it was actually our favorite of that batch of four.  Completely strange, funny, heartwarming in a twisted way and we'd both highly recommend it if you're in the mood to say "WTF did I just watch?" and then laugh your ass off at how it all somehow was pulled off.

The Boy Next Door(affiliate link) Jennifer Lopez, John Corbett - Lopez plays a jilted wife whose husband wants her to give him a second chance.  A hot, young dude moves in next door to help take care of his ailing uncle.  In a moment of weakness, hot sex ensues and we learn hot dude isn't quite so stable.  This movie was full of action in and out of the sheets.  Recommended.

Fifty Shades of Grey(affiliate link) Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan- I don't really think I need to go into backstory.  You'd have to be living under a rock to not know what this is about.  No, I didn't read the book.  I read a few pages in the Amazon 'sneak peek' inside and the writing was so horrible that I felt I might lose brain cells if I proceeded.  But not wanting to be out of the pop culture loop, I caved on the movie.  This movie was the most boring movie I've ever seen.  Quite frankly, the three minute sex scene in The Boy Next Door was more erotic than this entire movie.  I know Christian is supposed to be cold and mechanic to a degree but Dornan played him horribly and this was like watching a girl with a lip biting tick try to get romantic with a cardboard cut out.  These two have the chemistry of oil and water.  Thankfully the Mr felt the same and had no desires to try anything new in the sack.  I made it quite clear that flogging my mons pubis is likely grounds for divorce.

Taken 3(affiliate link) Liam Neesan - If you've seen the other Takens, this is the third one.  Lots of fighting, lots of unrealistic plots that you must suspend your disbelief for but you love Liam so much that you watch anyway.  He brings some weird humanity to it and because of the tragedies he's suffered both in the movies and personally, you find yourself yelling "can't Liam Neeson just catch a break!?"  If you liked the other Takens, you'll like this one.  Even if the ending leaves you screaming "there is no way in hell that would happen!"

The Loft(affiliate link) James Marsden, Eric Stonestreet - I was looking forward to this one.  It looked like a good thriller and to a degree it was.  But from the get go you don't really care what happens to this group of cheaters.  Karma, yo.  Half the cast are really horrible actors/actresses so it makes it hard to get past that, the other half do what they can with what they were given.  It comes down to good plot, bad casting.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2(affiliate link) I hated the first movie so I have no idea why I thought it'd be a good idea to rent this.  I'm going to blame the trailer.  This was lame.  A few funny parts but nothing that really made me laugh.  I just kept thinking "we spent $2.15 on this and that was too much."

Rent any movies lately?  

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  1. All the movies were entertaining to an extent. Some were predictable but I guess I was most surprised by how much I did enjoy Mortdecai and Just Before I Go. I agree on The Loft. Very good plot but some of the actors take it down a notch from what it could have been. Got some good movies coming this summer. It will be interesting to see which ones hold up.

  2. Thanks for the insightful reviews. I think the one that interests me the most is Cake mostly because I'm a Jennifer Aniston fan. I will have to check out Just Before I Go as well. Sounds intriguing.

  3. I've been watching mostly Netflix lately, no new rentals to share.


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