Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Current Crushes

I haven't done a current crushes in a while and any chance to peruse my favorite sites to see what's new is good with me.

Let's go to Pottery Barn!

Holy balls did I fall in love with these!  If I were ambitious, I could hack them but I don't know if I have it in me right now.  This might be a nice wish list item.  I just have to figure out where I'd put them.

Shell Umbrella Stand Chip and Dip Server

I love this!  They have a few different incarnations too like bowls, fruit holders and such so you could theoretically stack them and keep your table free of space hogging dishes!

Time to head over to Sur La Table

Cuisinart Classic Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker

I still have way too much rock salt for my other ice cream maker to justify getting this yet but the second I go through it, I'm getting this!

Acrylic Milk Jug Beverage Jar

I don't know if it's the cute strawberries floating around in there, the handle or the cork lid but I love it even though I know it would get used as many times as the other one I have...once.  But this is called current crushes not practical crushes.

Let's swing by Anthropologie...

Fruiting Dishtowel

I don't know why I love this towel so much but it would be a good way to remind yourself to get your fruit in.  Also, the name "fruiting dishtowel" reminds me of Mrs Doubtfire when Robin says "it was a run by fruiting!"

Barr-Co Pure Anything

I love the light, clean fragrance of this brand and I know they sell it pretty much anywhere but Anthro always has them open to test and since I'm too cheap to buy them, I jump on the chance.

As you can tell by my picks, I seem to be ready for summer.  It was a long, cold winter and while I'm not ready for heat and humidity ever, I'm ready for brighter colors and entertaining.

What are your current crushes?

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  1. I have the cuisinart ice cream maker, and it is fabulous. It also makes amazing frozen adult beverages

  2. I too am in love with the Cuisinart ice cream maker. It just looks so easy, although evidently it doesn't make a huge quantity at once, like the conventional ice cream maker does. But it's so much less work, no ice, no salt. I WANT one. I tried one to win one on Ree Drummond's (Pioneer Woman) blog the other day, but since she gets about 20,000 entrants every time she has a give-away, so my chances were slim. So, like you, when this rock salt is gone, I'm buying one. They're not terribly expensive, as I recall. (I looked it up on Amazon, my favorite spot to find anything and everything.) I also love the sconces that are rustic looking. Do you think you could hang them on an outside wall? From this picture, it looks like they are hanging outside. The chip & dip thing on the umbrella holder would not work at my house--we had an umbrella for our outdoor table, but the wind is so horrendous out here it didn't last long. I know the chips would just blow all over too, right before the wind would take the umbrella to who knows where. But it would be cool if you live in town and don't have to deal with the harsh Prairie Wind here in Nebraska. Thanks for sharing your crushes. Personally, there's nothing I have to add to this list (other than the Cuisinart machine!) I'm just hoping my kids don't totally forget Mother's Day on Sunday and figure out something I might like.....with boys, you never know!

  3. My current two crushes are brightly colored mesh desk accessories and Bath and Body Works Black Cherry Merlot Hand Cream and antibacterial "pocket pac". Love, love, love the scent when it came out a couple of years ago.


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