Friday, May 22, 2015

Back to reality and what I'm reading this week

Sigh, first week back from vacay, always so trying going from doing what you want all day with seemingly unlimited funds back to being in your usual routine like you never left.  


But enough of my post vacation complaining, let's get to...

45 Reasons to Exercise and Eat Right That Aren't About Weight Loss  (Awesome!)

Is Sclerotherapy For Leg Veins Worth The Burn?  (I hope so because thanks to my dad's side and lard pushing against them, my legs are a wreck)

10 Common Symptoms That Could Be Cancer  (Good to know!)

Desserts With a Surprising High-Protein Ingredient You Can't Even Taste  (I'm so making those strawberries)

I Want to Lose Weight, BUT my Significant Other Sabotages My Weight Loss!  (I'm glad I'm not in this boat but I know many are)

5-year-old's touching gesture feeds homeless man at Waffle House  (Faith in the future, restored)

9 Ways to Make an Old Home Feel New  (Cool schtuff)

5 Surprising Mosquito Repellants You Already Have   (Bye bye skeeters!)

Delicious Picnic Recipes  (So ready for picnic season!)

Melissa McCarthy Explains How She Taught a Critic Who Trashed Her Looks to Not "Tear Down Women" Anymore   (Get it girl!)

This Photo Could Save Your Life: The Subtle Sign That Tipped This Woman Off to Breast Cancer
(Never even thought of this!)

Why Your Sunscreen May Not Protect You as Much as You Think  (Just go outside in a hazmat suit)

Why Should I Continue To Workout?  (A good answer from one of our favorite workout peeps)

25 Reasons Why Savannah, GA is the Most Utterly Enchanting Place in the South  (I can't believe it's been 3 weeks)

Do you need to wash new clothes before you wear them? Here's the verdict  (*madly throws all shirts purchased on vacation in the washer)

How to Stay on Vacation Forever — These People Did It!  (I'm down)

We don't really have any plans for the holiday weekend.  Typically we plant flowers and herbs this weekend but it's been a rough transition week for the Mr back into work life so I'm going to let him decide if he's up for getting the lanai together or not.  I know a Trader Joe's run is in the future as we need chicken dogs to cook out and not feel like we're missing anything.

What's on your agenda this weekend?

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  1. Back to reality is the right phrase for sure. I just wish our reality did involve this idea of being able to spend every day doing what you want to do and not what you have to do to earn a living. At least we have a whole summer to look forward to and we have the weekends!

  2. Some housework tonight, and a graduation party out of town tomorrow. Then just rest and relaxation and being glad that the school year is over.

  3. I'm on-call this weekend so I've already been dealing with a bunch of calls and things like that. Will be cutting the lawn here in a little bit, then plan on washing sheets and towels and getting my bathroom all done up since my rugs finally arrived. Lots of house stuff, but it sure beats being in the office!


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