Monday, November 10, 2014

Restocking weekend and giveaway

You ever look in the freezer and realize you're down to the last one or two things in there and you know it's the rebuilding grocery trip that awaits you?  We decided we wanted to sleep in on Sunday so we did some Saturday grocery shopping.  We got to Trader Joe's like 30 minutes later than usual and the parking lot was a quarter full.  I gave a collective groan because I like the store to ourselves when we can get it.  I also was in no mood for the usual cashier that thinks she had a conversation about "clean eating" with us and now asks us "how it's going" every time we see her.  We *hate* the term clean eating and we never would've had that conversation given we're in like year six of eating *our* way.  So this was going to be the day I politely told her it wasn't us so no need to police our food anymore but she wasn't there.  So I loaded up on the frozen veggies, meat, fish, etc and then it was on to Target.

I figured it was probably time to start stockpiling holiday baking necessities and then I spied these.

I don't know what I'm making with these but I'm making something.  For those who want to see how they stack up on the labels next to regular morsels, the plain chocolate semi-sweet is on the top and the Delightfulls are on the bottom.

Basically the main difference is there are two less servings in the Delightfulls than a regular bag.  Oh that and it's a dollar more per bag.  So there's that.

Also, because I'm a huge nerd, I bought the same tea Tom Mison from Sleepy Hollow drinks.

It's almost like having tea with Ichabod


"Now my lips are touching his."  (Extra points if you know what movie that's from)

Oh speaking of Sleepy Hollow, we went to the pet store and were holding a toy fox terrier.  (The kind of dog I've always had and they're rare in the pet shops.)  I was in no danger of buying him because he was a boy.  (Sorry, mama doesn't do red rockets)  But he was also VERY smart and uninterested in us and interested in escape.  Like a velociraptor testing the fences for weakness, so was this little man testing us for the same.  So the over-eager sales girl, oblivious to the fact we pet dogs for fun, was determined to bring us a short haired girl dog to switch out with the little heathen pissing on rogue toys.  She told us she was bringing us a min pin and you think black and brown.  Nope.  She hoisted that thing over and it was this reddish brown color with these funky greenish blue eyes and she looked pure evil.  I literally almost gasped.  She wasn't much for doling out kisses and liked chewing anything but oh my Lord, I felt like if I looked directly into her little eyes, I would turn to stone.  So I said I was naming her Moloch after the demon in Sleepy Hollow.  We started giggling and the Mr was trying to get her to smooch him on the nose and she would sniff but no kisses.  I said in a low demon voice "Moloch doesn't give kisses" and we began laughing hysterically until we were crying.  The Mr bent to her face and repeated me in a demon voice and the saleslady came up to the playroom door and I couldn't tap him fast enough to warn him someone else was there and she's like "everything okay?" and we just giggled like idiots as the dog fell asleep in my arms, unaffected by our laughter.  Then the woman's manager (I think or maybe a trainer) came over and basically was trying to re-ask us everything we'd already told her.  He ruined the mood, was pressuring us to buy the dog and he got a hint of the hormonal demon within me as I gave him the brush off.  Then he said "the hardest part is naming them" to which I had to bite the inside of my mouth to keep from crying in hysterics on the floor.  Man, sometimes you just need a gut busting, cry inducing laugh over the dumbest things.

Where was I?  Oh yeah...

When we were at TJ's, the Mr was milk maiding the bagged brussels sprouts.  They all looked like crap except for one bag.  So when I saw a Brussels saber stalk, I decided to go for it.  When I got up front, I spied the flower sleeves at the check out and asked if I could cover them with that.

The woman thought I was a genius and I suspect if anyone else buys them, they will be bagged like this now.

We hit a few local craft shows that I used to go to when I was a kid.  I was somewhat horrified to see nothing has changed.  They are where 80's crafts thrive.  I must say I was glad to see little old ladies still crocheting and selling baby blankets and potholders in patterns I remembered as a kid.  If they weren't wall to wall with people who didn't know how to behave at a craft show, I would've lingered longer.  But the Mr and I were beginning to feel claustrophobic and wanting to lash out so we decided to leave.

It was very obvious that people were hitting the holiday shopping this weekend...hard.  This is why I'm glad I'm done and wrapped.  When we felt like people were irritating, we hit the panic button and escaped because we didn't have to be there, we were perusing with no real need.  I'm irritated that I can't find inspiring Christmas decor.  So I may have to use this as a transition year and infiltrate end of season sales.  Beh.

I was jonesing for some chicken cordon bleu...the entree of our wedding.  So I whipped some together and left the Mr remembering why he married me.

Here's some of our yummy souvenirs from New England I forgot to share.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I can't wait to see what you come up with for those Delightfulls things. I know it will be good! That PG tea is also really good, so thanks Tom Mison for sharing that. Good luck to everyone who wants the New England goodies - we had a great time finding things to add to the giveaway and I am sure the big winner will enjoy everything!

  2. Scott Pilgrim? I couldn't do the dog visiting thing you guys do. It's good that you socialize these little ones , but I'd be a basket case leaving them there.

  3. Souvenir me!
    I had a pretty good weekend, took my baby to dinner for his 21st bday, helped a friend pack up to move, dropped some old towels off at the animal rescue and got to workbon some popped tiles in my shower. I love productive weekends!
    Enjoy your day

  4. This weekend was kind of a waste of a weekend actually. Saturday was just kind of a blah day - I could have done "stuff" but I didn't end up doing anything. Then Sunday was chores, "big" shopping (the restocking kind you mentioned), and I made a lasagna. This is supposed to be our last day of nice weather, it's supposed to start cooling off this evening and tomorrow high is predicted to be like 32 degrees. That makes me really wish I'd tried harder to find something to do this weekend.

  5. Souvenir Me! I too made a "rolled" chicken dinner last night from this recipe I saw at Taste of Home.
    I changed it up some because I don't like Bleu Cheese, and put a chunk of cheddar/jack inside the chicken roll instead, along with some pepperoncini. Although the cheese melted and squirted all over the pan, it was still tasty, and I like to peel the cheese off the pan and enjoy it's greasy goodness that way. I have been seeing those Brussel stalks in the stores but had no idea how to get them home. Brilliant idea you had! I just decided to buy my Brussels the conventional way, next time I'll use one of those super long flower bags like my friend Anele! Now back to you, Johnny!

  6. "Moloch doesn't give kisses".....literally made me laugh out loud. I love it when something like that hits you just right and you laugh til you cry. And then days later it crosses your mind and the laughing starts again.

    I saw a commercial for those Delightfulls. They look so good but I know I would buy them, saying I was going to bake with them and then eat them all!!

    Have a good week :)

  7. souvenir me! My other post didn't post. Boo....
    You are such an inspiration- thank you for your blog. I love reading about what you and the Mr. are up to. Can't wait to see the Delightfuls in action. Never saw them before.

  8. Souvenir me! I love balsam incense.

    I can't have the Delightfuls in the house. I just know I'd be eating those cookies, if they made it that far.

    We have a TJs coming here soon and due to all your posts, I can't wait to be able to shop there.

  9. Souvenir me!

    Those Delightfuls look delicious. And so do the brussels sprouts.


    Anele, the items in this giveaway are more thoughtful and way nicer than a lot of the sponsored giveaways on bigger blogs! No shade--I love all of the blogs I read. Just sayin'-- you picked these out on your own and spent your own money for this and everything is so nice. Thank you!

  11. Souvenir me!
    I agree with tigalilee about your giveaways - you take your money and time out of your trip to share something with us when you get home.
    This weekend was spent at the last soccer game of the season (YAY - because soccer at noon every Saturday kind of messes with the whole day), and watching football.

  12. Souvenir me!

    I just have to say you never fail to crack me up!!! My best friend and I absolutely love reading here and discuss your posts all the time :D

  13. Souvenir me please, please, please!!!! What a fun collection. Curious about the balsam. What tree?
    The flower sleeve for the Brussels saber IS genius!!!!

  14. Souvenir Me!!!

    I figure that meets the "official" entry...but can I please add on a Hells YEAH - Souvenir Me Up YO!!!! :-)

  15. Souvenir me!

    I was in VT last weekend. Reading in a condo while my now-ex was working lol