Monday, November 24, 2014

Festive Hanging Tea Towel

Where my non-crafty peeps at?  What what!

People, this is seriously so easy a non-crafty dude could do it.  We're talking like my dad's whole side of the family kind of guys who say the phrase "huntin' and fishin'" as easily as I say Pottery Barn.  

You know how you see those super cute tea towels for the holidays and think you'll never use them or they're too pretty to wipe yer grubby food covered paws on?  Well, this is for those towels to be proudly displayed and this was done in 7 minutes.  

Seriously...I timed it.

Here's all you'll need:

Super cute tea towel  (mine is from Sur La Table last year so I'm not sure if they still make it or not)
A piece of trim or dowel rod (I had a stained piece of trim left from the remodel)
3 safety pins  (you read that right)

Put the piece of trim about 1 inch under the top of the tea towel.  Fold the top over and safety pin it on both ends and in the middle.

That's right, no funky glues or sewing machines needed just something probably down in the bottom of your purse!

I got this awesome ribbon at World Market.  They don't carry it long so run out and get some if you're so inclined.  Loop it big enough to fit the trim or dowel rod then sew 4 stitches like I did or glue or heck, safety pin it, I won't tell!

Slide the ribbon on each end of trim/rod to be ready to be hung.


Because it was a little long and the ribbon had holes, I just looped it in the middle and put the nail through the ribbon to hang it.  No ruining the towel if you should decide to use it in the future, no expensive frame to display it but a quick, easy craft to fill that empty spot that's been driving you nuts!

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  1. What a great idea! When I saw it hanging on the wall I thought you had bought it specifically for that. I had no idea you bought it and just kind of made up a crafty way to use it on the fly like that. You never cease to amaze me!

    1. Thanks hon! I always thought that towel was too cute to be shoved in a drawer! :-)

  2. That is definitely an easy craft - even I could do. I don't have an empty wall space though, or an extra cute towel laying around. I'll have to keep it in mind though for a cute/easy/inexpensive gift for someone down the road.

    1. Absolutely! Especially if you can get them after Christmas and score a good deal on them!

  3. Very cute. That's exactly what I think about seasonal towels--they're too cute for actual usin'!

  4. Really cute idea and adorable towel. I love the concept of just folding it over the edge and using safety pins. Brilliant!

    1. Sometimes lazy crafts look just as nice as the ones that make you want to ram your head into a wall! :-)


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