Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Conjuring Christmas Spirit Crushes

In an effort to put myself in the Christmas spirit, I thought I'd wrap presents today with the yule log aglow and Christmas music blazing.  I also thought it was time to peruse some of my favorite stores.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing what the new Christmas trends are each year.

Let's go window shopping!

Pottery Barn is KILLIN' it for me this year.

Painted Santa Mugs and Dinnerware

I. MUST. DRINK. COCOA. FROM. THESE.  It's not a choice really, it's more of a necessity.  I'll have to wait for a sale because they're a little rich for my blood full price but yeah, I'm gonna be hawk eyeing these babies all season.

Santa Suit Salt and Pepper Shakers

I was eyeing these last year and forgot about them but I'm not going to this year.  I get serious warm fuzzies when I see this and even though we never use salt or pepper, they're too cute not to own!

Winter Village Platter

I can absolutely see my Christmas cookies on this platter on Christmas Eve when mom comes over to exchange gifts.  It reminds me of a great scene you'd see on your favorite advent calendar counting down the days to Christmas or the first Christmas card of the year.

Winter Wonderland Pillow

I can't begin to tell you how this pic in their catalog does this pillow NO justice.  I've seen it in person and almost snagged it.  I'm waiting for a pillow sale and then I'm using this for as long as winter is on the calendar!  LURVE!

Oh look!  There's a Sur La Table...do you mind if we stop by?  

*rudely runs ahead of you through the doors*

Oval Pine Cone Platter

I'm a traditionalist, what can I say and this platter pulls at my love for the song Pine Cones and Holly Berries.  Big time want!

Winters Eve Kitchen Tea Towel

Again, warms the cockles of my pine cone and holly berry heart.

Balsam Fir Matches

Yeah I know, we all have those butane lighter thingies that makes it easier to light well used candles.  But man, there's something about the feel of striking an old school match, lingering smell of sulfur and now this beautiful cover to store the matches in.

Okay.  I think between this, wrapping and Christmas commercials being in heavy rotation on the tube, I'm getting the spirit in me.  Can I get a hallelu-yer?

What are you crushing on lately?

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  1. It is funny how nice it is to light a match and yet I haven't in ages. And now we have really nice looking but fake LED candles so there are fewer things to light too, but I say go ahead and get the matches! That other stuff is really nice too though. Maybe Santa is listening.

    1. I know, isn't it weird? Such a simple thing but something we should get back to...those simple things that other items meant to make our lives "easier" have taken away.

  2. I'm so not ready for Christmas. I'm barely ready for Halloween and that's already passed. All those things are really cute, but I'm trying not to buy anything else. Ever. Every time I see something I want I have to ask myself "where are you going to put it when you're not using it". If the answer it "I don't know" (and it almost always is) I have to pass. Sigh.

    1. I'll buy your share. I have nowhere to put this stuff either but I kind of don't care. :-)

  3. I saw Christmas lights hung on Halloween day. On a house I pass every day on my way to work. So I know that it wasn't up the week before, or even the day before, but on Halloween Day they decided to put their lights up. What does that have to do with this post? Oh, just that the Christmas-Halloween-lights-house used up all my "dude, it's too early gasps", so hey, jingle bell on. LOL

    1. Efficiency at work! But yeah, at least wait until the calendar flips. Ours are going up in 2 1/2 weeks because we like to flip the switch Thanksgiving night when we get home. When it turns the 'true' Christmas season (after Thanksgiving), I want to be done with everything so I can enjoy the season with little to nothing to do.

  4. Boy, are those salt 'n pepper shakers CUTE!!! Like they are being hung by the fire to dry out before Santa fills up his sleigh again. I haven't been out and about perusing yet, so I'm not sure what's out there, but my hunt this year is for a tree skirt that I can have personalized. Years ago I'd gotten one through Lillian Vernon and it was gorgeous--thick, beautifully printed, not too much, down-right adorable. When we donated our tree, I apparently didn't remember that the personalized tree skirt was in the box too! I was SOOOOO sad about that because I've never found one I liked as much since. I'm thinking if I can find a nice tartan plaid one, that might work. So far I haven't seen any that have popped out at me.


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