Monday, November 3, 2014

Funk, leg revenge and apple butter

Here is where a totally awesome weekend escapade update would go...if we had one.  

My hormones are in a flip flop since I skipped last month to be Aunt Flo free for New England and the double up demon is lurking including a hellacious funk.  I mean nothing could cheer me up...not even the talk of Christmas.'s bad.

My legs are screwed up royally because I neglected proper maintenance on said vacation and am paying for it with some new delightful form of tendinitis that makes it feel like my toenail is going to be snatched inward in stabbing pain when I point my left foot.  

I'll give you time to shake off that image/feeling.

The Mr was having a foot issue as well so we did an IT band stretching workout last night after replacing the floor pads in the workout area.  So nice that the carpet tape we used to secure it down ripped up part of the cement on the floor when we pulled it up.  

I kinda forgot about my plans for my apples from last weekend's apple pickin' adventure and noticed some of them were getting soft.  So I decided it was time to make some apple butter, y'all.  

It was pretty darned easy...follow along in the horrible phone pics.

I cut up the 4 medium apples in small chunks and added them to a small crockpot.  I added 1 tbsp of pumpkin pie spice and 1/2 cup dark brown sugar.  I turned the crockpot on high and let it go for 4 hours, stirring it every 30 minutes and adding 1/4 cup of water after 2 hours until it stewed down to this loveliness.

I love any chance to prove to myself that buying an immersion blender was not a mistake even if I only use it once a year so I started smoothing that stuff out like bebe food.

Then I added in 1 tbsp of lemon juice and gave it a good stir.  Lemon juice kind of thickens things up almost like a natural pectin but not.  Then I spooned it into a pint sized mason jar and the rest (about 4 ounces worth) into a plastic container I'll use this week.

I've still got lotsa apples left so I'll pre-cut some since I was just made dessert queen for Thanksgiving.  But until then, I'll just enjoy some peanut and apple butter sandwiches or some twice baked sweet potatoes topped with this lovely schtuff.

I also made some single serving apple pie filling and put it in mini puff pastry shells I bought to satisfy the Mr's demands for apple pie.  Twas quite good and seemed to soothe the savage beast.  ;-)

Note to self...don't use red background again to cover messy countertop.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I think the yoga helped my foot but I will know for sure once I do the trek into work. That apple pie filling was melt in your mouth amazing! Looking forward to Thanksgiving partly because of the pies you'll be making :-)

    1. I know I've got a long week ahead of me including more yoga, golf balling the arches, leg massages after showers and ultra sounding. Dammit, I did so well in Carmel/SF and then blew it in New England. My own fault. Well mine and Potsie's for how much foot pumping I did.

      That apple pastry was pretty dang good! I'll make apple crumb as well as the pumpkin that was requested. Should soothe the savage beasts and they won't know how to react with HOMEMADE pie in lieu of the crap that's usually brought. :-)

  2. Halloween with the kiddo, tons of housework, and that's about it. I process the last of the apples my mom gave me from her tree. Some were rotted on the inside, but I knew that was a possibility. I made a batch of apple butter a couple weeks ago that was gone, and a batch of applesauce last week that apparently no-one saw in the fridge b/c it was still there, So I made another of apple butter this time. I also cooked, scooped, and froze a bunch of squash a a cute tiny little pumpkin. Hubby tried his hand at pumpkin pie filling and it came out pretty good.

    I hope you get to be pain free soon. Both of you.

    1. I love this harvesty time of year when you can make all kinds of yummy comforting stuff that doesn't break the calorie bank.

      Thanks, me too! :-)

  3. This weekend was a busy one with stuff around the house and more donating of clothes that have sat in drawers or bins for too long. So I have three more bags I gathered up and will go through my shoe bins and get rid of shoes that are just plain uncomfortable. My feet have been giving me fits (feels like I'm walking on a stone in the middle of my foot) so I'm really looking for something comfortable that will work with my inserts. I also got to sleep laying down for the first time in two weeks after a horrible problem with menstrual bleeding (am considering getting an ablation done), so I felt wonderful after being able to fully relax. I got my newest Leslie DVD in the mail (Let's Walk) and did the 20 minute one today (did ok with my feet issues) and really like it. Same concept but she's not as "on" and perky, so it's actually nice to hear her talking. You can tell she's older in this one and she's not wearing nearly as much makeup--she looks better than in previous ones in my opinion. It was a nice way to end the work day because I was wiped out all day.

    1. Good Lord woman, you cannot catch a break! I'm glad you like the new Leslie DVD. I'll have to look into that. I did her 10 Minute Walking Blasts for a little extra this morning and liked it. She sure like her Nick. ;-)


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