Friday, November 21, 2014

Chiro time, thoughtful business practices and what I'm reading this week

Last week was a rough week, culminating in a very bad Sunday in which my Mr patiently let me waste his entire day word barfing.  I was at a low between that mood, lack of faith in society and being overrun by corporate greed and my leg getting progressively worse.

When I woke up yesterday morning, I felt like my leg was super tight and the shooting pain I had in my toe was going to start hindering me.  So after 3 weeks of attempted rehabbing on my own, I called the chiro and he could see me that morning.  Of course my legs were nowhere near 'chiro feelin' up your leg' ready so I baby oil shaved my legs.  (Don't do that)  Then I got out the belt sander and started working on my calloused feet that were like I'd been walking on hardened lava for 10 years.  I slapped on my layers of rose scented lotion on my legs and feet and got on my way.  It was good to see Dr. B again and I was just hoping that the suspected cause hadn't done permanent damage.

Remember when I mentioned in our vacation recap about how I did front toe raises to Potsie singing Pumps Your Blood?  Well, those are the muscles that hurt and I knew within a week after getting back it had done more harm than good.  Dr. B confirmed I gave myself a repetitive motion injury, well, a "tweak" as he called it.   I have micro-tears in the tibialis anterior muscle and while the Mr has been so graciously massaging my calves at my request, it was basically just compensating one area then the other area would over-compensate and no healing could occur.  So I got the calves worked on very lightly and then he had me flip over and he worked on the shin muscle.  It was super tender and then he lasered me all up and down that muscle to loosen any scar tissue that may have formed after waiting a month to come in.  I've been instructed not to do my ankle massages, no foam rolling and no Mr massages on the calves for a minimum of a week.  I can do regular exercise and my light stretching for IT bands and such like we do from the Do Yoga With Me website.   He'll evaluate me again next week, "zap" me and we'll see if I need to go in for more or not the first week of December. I was so thankful to have such a wonderful chiro.  He always gives me such positive reinforcement, teaches me every time I see him and I've actually been able to help the Mr based on things Dr. B has taught me.

When I came home, there was a envelope from Ben and Jerry's in Vermont.  See, my thing is those souvenir pennies you can get at different tourist destinations.  Put in your $.50 and a shiny penny and imprint with a scene.  I'm usually trying to beat away children for the crank rights.  "Age before beauty you little bastards!"  *hip bump*  Well, after we went to the Ben and Jerry's headquarters in Waterbury, I thought I gave my souvenir penny to the Mr because my pocket was too short to hold it without losing it.  He couldn't find it and neither could I.  Now I could totally be remembering it wrong and I was the one who lost it but he's claiming responsibility.  I was bummed but forgot about it.  The Mr wrote them and asked if they could send a picture of the penny machine scenes, he could tell them which one it was and send them $.51 and a SASE.  The manager wrote back that they were so impressed by him knowing "happy wife, happy life" that they would get all of the pennies and send them to him at no charge!  Not only did they do that, they sent us coupons for 2 free pints of Ben and Jerry's!!

I swear I got teary eyed.  How friggin' AWESOME is that of a company in this day and age to do???  I mean to do it at all even with us having to pay for it would've been wonderful but to go above and beyond sending all of them, doing it for free and giving us free Karamel Sutra.  Oh...did I mention I've been frothing at the mouth for that and that's gonna be my choice.  We'll have lots of company over the coming month so we'll get to share their kindness with others.  A big ol' kudos to Ben and Jerry's for this wonderful gesture!

Now, onto the show...

Here's this past week's dinners

Stuffed flounder over thai lime rice with green beans - BBQ chicken tenderloins, garlic parm potatoes and green beans - panko breaded mahi fingers with maple braised brussels and spinach lasagna roll ups.

Here's last weeks exercise wrap up for those who aren't following on Facebook.

Sunday-  WATP Burn 30 570 cals
Monday-  WATP Firm 30 with 15 lb weights 385 cals
Tuesday-  Turbo Fire EZ 945 cals
Wednesday-  WATP Resistance Band/Free weight session 665 cals
Thursday- Turbo Fire 45  1150 cals
Friday-  TBD Cardio

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to...

This Amazing '80s Arcade Is the Best Virtual Reality Trip Yet  (courtesy of the Mr)

Jennifer Lawrence Sang On Letterman And She Was Hilarious, Obviously  (This girl cracks me up!)

3-Year-Old Girl Keeps Santa Claus Company at Indiana Restaurant  (I seriously cried when I saw the picture.  This reminds me of the Santa Clause when the little girl sits on Tim Allen's lap and asks for ballet slippers.  Video starts on landing)

Remember the Smoking Section? 15 Ways Flying Was Totally Different in the '80s  (Okay, I HATED the smoking section but the rest of it was pretty cool.  This guy has the wrong attitude, people meeting you at the gate was awesome.  You felt like a rock star and you knew people loved you enough to show up.  Now?  I couldn't pay someone enough to take us to the airport)

11 Amazing, Time-Saving Thanksgiving Hacks  (I can't believe it's 6 days away!!)

Hawaii lava flow inspires student innovation  (I am awestruck...what a great invention!)

Christmas with the Beekman Boys  (I would love to spend Christmas with Brent and Josh especially if that cinnamon honey of theirs was going to be served!  YUM!)

Russell Brand's "Note to Self"  (WAIT!  Don't skip this because you're not a fan!  Matter of fact, this will change you the way it changed me after watching it!)

How to Bounce Back After a Food Binge  (Perfect for the upcoming holiday!)

What Texting Does to Your Spine (ATTENTION ALL TEXTERS!  This will be you!)

What to Say When People Annoyingly Undermine Your Healthy Choices  (You know this is coming this season!)

23 Signs You’re Ichabod Crane From "Sleepy Hollow"  (So sad we're approaching the winter finale, part one of two coming Monday!)

19 Times Ichabod Crane Was Adorably Clueless On "Sleepy Hollow"  (OMG, make my ovaries explode which is good because I'm not using them!  Yes, I posted two Sleepy Hollow links...what?)

Grandma's Smoking Weed for the First Time  (You guys...I can barely catch my breath.  I've watched this 3x!  Sooooo funny.  Not necessarily safe to play loud on the speakers at work especially at 4:30.  This will probably be me in 25 years after the Mr retires.  I'll vlog it for you then or whatever the technology is by then!)

I think we're putting the tree and lights up this weekend.  I need to clean first but yeah, it's going up and we're watching some ball (2nd to last game of the regular season!  I'm kind of ready to have my Mr stop talking as though he's somehow on the team and practically sympathy barfing pre, during and post game!)  I think I may pre-make my apple pie crust for Thanksgiving as well.

What are y'all up to this weekend?

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  1. What a week! I am so glad that Ben & Jerry's did that for us. What an awesome thing for them to do!

    I'm glad you went back to the Chiro because it sounds like you just needed a few tweaks to what were doing in order to get healed up again. It might still take a bit before you're back to normal but at least you are on the right path again.

    1. So am I, that was just so above and beyond for them to do that!

      Yeah, I know when I need to wave the white flag and I knew I'd be sore today. It's hard to do NOTHING since he said there's nothing I can do to be proactive but let it heal. But man, I am looking forward to the first time I can do a REAL morning stretch head to toe!

  2. My folks are coming tomorrow and then taking the boy home with them for a few days. He'll be off school, so he gets to go skiing with grandpa and I get to stay here and work. Ahhh, to be 8 again.

    I'm glad your chiropractor is so helpful to you, I hope one or two more visits will have you back to normal. That's really cool of Ben & Jerry's too.

    1. How fun for him to get grandparent time! Tell the to take lots of pics!

      Me too! :-) Yes, it was. We are so thankful there are businesses that are doing it right and remember being nice will bring you customers for life!

  3. JLaw has the monopoly on awesome!

    The Russell Brand vid made me emotional.

    Just sent the Marijuana Grannies to a few friends!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I hope your calves and tootsies feel better soon! I had an eye apt this morning (insanely expensive---grrrrr) and the dentist to replace a filling so I'm watching my husband eat a delightful lunch while I'm about 5 hours away from being able to feel my face and tongue again. Tomorrow we are taking mom to uncle's assisted living place for their wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. They do such an awesome job and serve prime rib, turkey, and ham with all the fixings and a darling dessert bar. Mom's having issues with her chemo and couldn't have her infusion yesterday because of neuropathy in her hand. So she's really bummed about that, so we'll try to lift her spirits tomorrow. The hubs is going to hang her icicle lights outside along with the lighted garland around her door and she's very excited because she didn't think she could do it this year. Only downfall is we're supposed to get a downpour of rain with 30mph winds, so we'll see how that goes.

    Enjoy your weekend!! =o)

  5. I love that there are still some companies that truly understand customer service and how to appreciate folks that spend their hard earned money on their products/services! I recently ordered an item from a small company and got a hand-written note on the sales slip. I was super impressed and know that I would go back and order from them in a heartbeat for that one simple gesture.


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