Monday, October 6, 2014

Autumn Goodness Apple Dip

I have got a goodly amount of pumpkin recipes coming up.  I hope you don't mind.  This first one is actually meant to help you out.  See, I know we open that can of pumpkin for a recipe and then have like 1/4 of the can left and nothing to do with it.  You don't want to throw it out and with this, you don't have to!

This dip used some things I had on hand and didn't know what to do with.

Here's what you'll need if you want to make it too:

2 tbsp PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter
2 tbsp pumpkin puree
1 date
1/8 tsp cloves
3 pecans

In a small bowl, add some water and the date and microwave for 30 seconds until date is soft.

Give it a stir until it's mashed down.

Add your pumpkin...

and your peanut butter powder.

Combine and add the ground cloves and give it a stir as well.

Add about 1/2 tsp of water and stir.  Continue adding water until it's a good dipping consistency.

Crush up your pecans and top the dip.

So delicious you could just forego the apple and use your finger.  I wouldn't tell.

 But for today, I guess I'll use an apple wedge.

Nutritional Information for dip:  Calories 99  Total Fat 4g  Poly Fat 1g Mono Fat 1g  Sodium 95mg  Potassium 60mg  Total Carbs 14g  Fiber 4g  Sugars 8g  Protein 6g  Vitamin A 75%  Vitamin C 1%  Calcium 1%  Iron 2%

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  1. Mmmmm! Looks good. Can't wait to try it!

  2. Since I'm crazy for peanut butter, you'd think I know peanut butter powder, but I've never seen it. Provided I don't find it, do you think the real stuff would work in this dip which sounds delicious?

    1. Absolutely! I'd say you could get away with 1 tbsp of the regular stuff. At my grocery store, it's carried in the organic/health food section. It used to be much harder to find but most stores seem to have come on board with it over the past 2 years.

      If you have a hard time in your area, I put a link to it in the ingredients list for a 2 pack that will save you money over the long run. We use it for apple dip, smoothies, baking recipes, etc so it made sense for us to forego paying for the plastic jar for the bigger pouches. To reconstitute for regular peanut butter, I start with 1 tbsp of water to the 2 tbsp serving and add if I want a thinner consistency. You'll have to let me know if you like it!

  3. That looks really good. I'll definitely remember that for when I do have some leftover pumpkin, which if you're going to be posting pumpkin recipes is likely to happen soon. I'll just have to remember to pick up some dates next time I'm at the store...

    1. Yep, I have a few coming so you'll have the chance to give it a try. Dates are always great to have on hand. Banana date muffins or those little date nut balls for a quick healthier treat. Actually I'll have another date recipe coming up too so even more reason to grab some! :)

  4. Wow! That sounds delicious. I just threw out some leftover pumpkin from a pumpkin/apple bread I made, DAMN!!! I kept it for over a week though and decided it needed to go. Guess I could have tried freezing it. At least canned pumpkin isn't too pricey! This will be a great dip to use with all those Honeycrisp apples I've been stocking up on! They're on sale this week at Walmart for $2.47/lb. Expensive---but worth every penny!

    1. Aww, dang it! This is perfect with honeycrisps (that's what is pictured). It's the perfect bite of fall!

  5. mmmm that sounds great! Powdered Peanut Butter? You come across all sorts of stuff I've never heard of before (like balsamic cheddar). But at least they're things we can probably find next to our normal stuff and just never noticed before. Thumbs down for those blog recipes that require strange $20 items you only need a teaspoon of and will never use again. But this...peanut butter powder...I could probably go through a can in a week!

    1. I saw it about 5 years ago at a specialty grocery store and was so intrigued. Suddenly I started seeing it popping up in recipes and now my regular grocery store carries it in the organic section. You can use it for so many things and it's perfect for a little protein kick without the calories and fat of full on peanut butter. Sometimes I'll reconstitute it with a little water (or 1 tbsp apple cider if I have it) and add some ground cloves. It's SO good!

  6. I love it in my oatmeal. It mixes in more smoothly for a more uniform flavoring than regular PB does.


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