Monday, October 13, 2014

This Fair Lady

When I was a kid, my mom and grandma did crafts quite a bit.  This was the time when macrame was still around but on its way out and things like pantyhose spuds (remember those?) and country crafts with cinnamon sticks and wicker were all the rage.  This meant we went to and they were in a lot of craft shows and bazaars.  It wasn't necessarily my cup of tea as a kid but I always liked to roam from booth to booth to see what people were selling.  

As I've gotten older, craft shows and bazaars are different than they were back in the day.  There are so many different styles of decor waiting to be seen instead of just one genre so it's fun to look at now that I'm an adult.  Either that or it's that moment when you realize you're becoming your mother.

Last month, I got to do something I always wanted to do, go to the Country Living Fair.  This is something my 15 year old self just kicked my butt for typing.  Thankfully there are so many different versions of what is considered "country" these days that thankfully I don't fall in a category that would make old me loathe old lady me...too much.

The mood is set the second you walk in.

Mini pumpkins were everywhere and I loved stumbling upon the booths that appealed more to me.  I'm not a fan of primitives, like that dark country look but I like vintage pieces like some of these silver pieces, that cloche on the right and I even like the way them thar green gourdy/pumpkin thingys are stacked.

I like the lines of this dresser and would probably repaint it much to the horror of the seller but I loved a few of those books stacked to the right.  I love decorative spines and covers on old books.

I have a few vintage cameras in the office/black hole and I can't help but be drawn to them when I see them.

Of course they also had stuff to get you thinking about the holidays and I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the Thanksgiving swag.  Thanksgiving...the overlooked holiday.

Christmas was duly represented in a few spots as well.

You never know who you might see at something as big as the Country Living Fair, like HGTV's Cari Cucksey of "Cash and Cari" hanging out at her RePurpose booth.

She's just as pretty in person and so nice.  She was talking to someone else and I just wanted to snap a quick side pic so as not to disturb her and when she caught me taking it she turned right to me and gave me a big smile.  I laughed and thanked her and she said "I cheesed pretty hard on that one.  Just for you!"  She had her new paint/stain line available for purchase.  I seriously miss that show.  I know it was just her doing estate sales but she's so cute and has some great ideas for repurposing vintage items.  If you're ever up for a road trip, you can check her website to see when her RePurpose warehouse is open for events.

Later she was doing a demonstration with her paints and how to upcycle furniture to give it new life.  She took questions from anyone who had them.  That place was packed!

There might've been an apple fritter split between us.

But after walking around just over two hours until my hips were about to fall off, I didn't sweat it over half an apple.  It was way better calorie wise than the deep dish apple cobbler we were considering splitting, I'm sure!

Sadly, the only thing I came away with was this sign for Halloween.

The Mr braved the hoards of people to get it for me.  I must tell you, for people who don't like crowds, this really did suck on a personal level.  We didn't even go on their busiest day and it was in-sane.  I mean, for real.  Then I don't know what the deal is but it's like people lose their senses on how to act.

"Hey, I think I'll stand in the middle of the aisle!"

"Hey, I have a stroller, I'm going to push my child in harms way repeatedly to barrel through the masses!"

"Hey, I have a huge rolling cart that I'm going to put wherever you try to step to ensure my personal space but invade yours!"

"Hey, I see everyone going in this way, I think I'll go in the other way and then stand there where there's only enough space for an Oompa Loompa to get through."

It was like this every square inch of the place and I tried not to let it get to me but it did.  The Mr?  I think he was ready to do things that would end in him wearing a new set of bracelets.  After a while, we had to barrel through just as rude as everyone else.  I think I counted three people that said 'thank you' when we let them through so that was nice but the rest of them?  Restraint was required for interaction.  I've also never seen so many Kate Gosselin hairdos circa 2008 in one place in my life.  I was seriously beginning to wonder if a few tour buses of women with the same hair and clothes were on some pilgrimage.  But alas, I didn't see any buses when we left.

I don't go to fairs and festivals too much because of the crowd irritation factor but when I do, I always hope it was worth my while and now I can say I've done this particular one.

Do you go to craft/antique fairs or festivals?  What are your favorites?

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  1. Apparently my first comment didn't go through =/

    My comment is completely unrelated to your blog today but I saw this article this morning and I immediately thought of you so I wanted to share.

  2. When I got all excited about arm knitting it dawned on me that I might be getting old :) Our teenage selves must be so proud! Looks like a fun time!

  3. Maybe the buses that dropped them off just left them there?

    I like craft fairs too. Seeing what creative and cool things other people are doing is so fun. I don't do crowds well though, so that would be difficult for me too. Even our paltry local one (in a school gym) is a little on the too many people side.

    I used to love looking at craft booths as a kid, and things were priced so reasonably. Now it seems like people are happy to throw a couple strings on a towel, call it an apron, and charge $40 for it. I know most crafters put a lot of themselves into their crafts, not to mention their time and money and I don't mind paying for quality - but some of them are just out of their minds.

    I love the Sleepy Hollow sign you got. That's just perfect.

  4. Boy I love these pictures! I get the warm and fuzzies looking at all things fall. I'm actually going to a craft show this Saturday with a friend of mine. I don't think this will be a big to-do, but it's the first one I've gone to in over 15 years. We don't have big fairs or festivals out by me, except at 4th of July events about 2 hours west (never been). I'm excited to see what's out there and perhaps pick up a parcel or two.


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