Thursday, October 9, 2014

Current Crushes: Halloween Edition

Halloween was always the start of my favorite time of year.  I had the task of putting up the paper decorations in the doors and windows.  We had these...

and these

I don't remember the mummy but I remember the other ones.

I've gotta say, I'm really bummed this tradition went out of putting up paper decorations in the windows.  I always loved seeing what people had in their windows or those who would go all out decorating their homes.  We tried that the first three years here and found that we were pretty much the only people who went moderately all out for Halloween.  We even answered the door for our two trick or treaters per year in costume and had Horror Sounds of the Night tapes playing in the background and a leftover strobe light going.  Once we realized kids just weren't coming to our 'hood, we stopped bothering.  It was a sad day donating all of our outside decorations.

I don't really decorate for Halloween anymore but Fall as a whole with pumpkins, corn stalks, Indian corn and such beginning in September.  But I must confess, when I start to see Halloween decor popping up in early September, I get that old pang to decorate for the holiday even though no one will ever see it but us.  So if I DID go bonkers for Halloween like I did in the old days, these would surely be on my buy list.

Haunted Village from Crate and Barrel

I don't know why but I really love this.  I think it would look great on top of my armoire with some of my Luminara LED tea lights behind it.  You can bet I'm going to keep my eye out for this baby to go on clearance and see if I can talk myself into it at the end of the season.

Haunted House Doormat by Crate and Barrel

Sticking with the same theme, I have several doormats made out of this material and this is perfectly spooky without saying a word.

Spooky Hanging Ghost Skull from Joann

If I had trick or treaters, this would be fun to hang over the porch to freak them out.  There was always something about that house that had the spooky music playing, life sized ghouls and such that made you both excited and terrified.

Halloween Apothecary Jars by Home Decorators

How fun are these creepy jars to keep for your witches brew?  I'm sure I could DIY something like this but I'm tired from other projects so buying something for a change would be a great addition to spooky decor.

Halloween Jacquard Towels by Sur La Table

How cute are these!?

Who knows, if there's a good enough sale at the end of the season, I might have to scoop up something here or there.

Do you decorate for Halloween, Fall as a whole or not at all?

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  1. I'm waiting for payday tomorrow to grab some glittery pumpkins, etc to liven things up inside my pad. Your decorating posts inspired me! I'll let you know what I do. :-)

  2. As much as I love Halloween, I don't really do much decorating. I don't have the space inside to put up cool things like that village, and every year we say we're going to decorate outside but never seem to manage. I do have a zombie door cover this year. I like the "welcome" mat and the towels - I'd probably use them year 'round.

    If I were to do the outside - I'd like to put up a fake cemetery with spooky looking stones that have funny epithets, spider webs with fake spiders (or, you know, the tarantulas are migrating so maybe real ones), pumpkin and bat lights, and scary music.

  3. Oh girl I know we've talked about those awesome paper decorations! The full-body hinged ones were my favorites. I found the witch one of my childhood on Ebay but it was $40 and I just couldn't do it. I showed the hubs the monster ones you posted and he remembers them too! I fully agree that it's sad that tradition is gone now. It was a good way to determine who was more likely to answer the door on Halloween too. We have a motion ghost hanging outside (Elsie freaked out and started barking at it which was hysterical because she couldn't see it, just heard the spooky "wooooo" sounds!) I have a bin of decorations but I just don't have it in me to do this year. But I did take out a beautiful fabric pumpkin pillow along with the ghost, a green light up pumpkin and a Longaberger apple basket. Oh, and I do have one shelf in a cabinet in the kitchen that is an ode to Halloween. I'm going to take a picture of the whole set up and email it to you (I think you'll recognize a certain adorable log cabin...). 8=o)


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