Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No time to workout?

What does having 'no time to workout' mean?  Some people say they have no time to workout but run themselves so ragged taking care of everyone else that they put their health last on the list.  Or you have others who will be the first to give you the summary of three brand new shows that aired in the past two days.  Some people say they have no time to workout but play online games or peruse Pinterest for 30 minutes or more.

Look, I get it, we all need to destress from the day but doing it with activities that promote us to be more sedentary isn't always the best choice for our long term health.  Exercise is truly one of the best ways to work out the person that said that thing that ticked you off or the irk leftover from that dude that cut you off on the way home.  If you're just looking to add some extra movement into your night or want a fun way to get the family off the smartphones and movin' their booties, I've got the perfect workout.

If you've got time to watch your favorite show, you've got time to slip in this workout.  I'm not talking about while it's on, I mean instead of fast forwarding through the commercials, pick a show and let the commercials be your timer!

Did you know that network TV commercials clock in at almost 14 minutes while cable commercial breaks are closer to 16-17 minutes?  It doesn't sound like much but every little bit counts!

Each exercise listed is designed to work your whole body during each break.  So for the first commercial, do the walk in place with overhead arm reaches.  For the second commercial break, do the knee lifts with arm pullbacks and so on!

Challenge yourself to do this a few times a week to start and get the family involved!

If you're not a big TV watcher and the internet is your time suck, set the timer on your phone or online stopwatch for 3 1/2 minutes for the exercise breaks and do it every 10-12 minutes for an hour. 

Your body will thank you for it!

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  1. Girlie, I'm giving you a virtual high five for keepin' quality, consistent content on tap WHILST you and the Mr. road trip thru America. You SO didn't have to do this, but we appreciate it! LOL Meanwhile, I haven't been anywhere and still can't manage to update my blog more than twice a month lately! *facepalm*

  2. This does sound like a good way to use the commercial time. I usually either fast forward or use the commercials to clean the house. This is probably a better use of my time

    I hope you're enjoying yourselves!

  3. I love these practical tips! (Ironically, I pinned this to my "Healthy Habits" Pinterest board....bet you can guess which of the excuse categories I fall into, lol!)


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