Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Edition: What I'm Reading This Week

We are most certainly in the throes of Fall, y'all!  If you haven't gotten out to see peak colors in your area or a short distance away, hop in the car, take in the beauty.  

Well, do it after you check out...

America's Best Fall Color Drives  (Nothing I love more taking in the colors during this far too short season)

12 Cozy Fall Decorating Ideas  (Love 'em!)

14 Fall Mason Jar Crafts  (Mason ubiquitous but so darn cute)

Fall Recipes from Cooking Light  (Yum!)

5 spots to see Michigan's rich fall colors  (Oh Traverse City how I miss you!)

The New Guidelines for Canning  (I need to stop being so afraid to can things)

6 Fat-Burning Foods For Fall and Winter   (Burn baby burn!)

Sweet and Easy Apple Recipes  (Oh sweet apples, I love you)

Haunted Halloween Craft Ideas  (Spooooky!)

8 Great Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Pet  (Aww, so cute!!)

6 Tips for Buying Fall Produce  (Deliciousness awaits!  Good to know on the pears for the Mr)

6 Workouts You'll Want to Fall Into    (I love a good Fall hike!)

America's Most Beautiful Covered Bridges  (So purty!!!)

How to Press and Preserve Leaves for Crafts and Home Decor  (I haven't done this in years!  Might want to save some and give it a go!)

Fun Fall Activities Checklist  (Great ideas to help take in the season!)

New England Fall Foliage Road Trips: Leaf-Peeping Adventures in the Northeast  (What Fall freak like me doesn't have this on their bucket list?)

We're road tripping for a dual birthday trip.  (The Mr gets an awesome mid-October birthday whilst I get stuck with the birthday that means crowds and heat.  I'm glomming onto his this year for my milestone birthday)  So lots of driving, lots of purties and probably some regional indulgences we'll have to work off later.

Anything fun on tap for this weekend?

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  1. It's time to ride out. I'm thinkin impromptu road trip to Shenandoah!

  2. I might be getting another cat this weekend. I say might only because I'm not sure any of the cats at the shelter will be a good match to my current cat, Eugene, who lost his dear cat mate (Olive) about a month ago. Rest in peace, Ollie girl. I hope the new cat is half as wonderful as you were.

  3. I am so excited to be going to opening night for hockey. I have my cowbell all ready to go. =o) I'm such a homer, but after the week I've had, it'll feel good to be able to yell along with everybody else and vent some steam. Hope you have a great birthday road trip!!!


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