Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween reads this week

Happy Halloween y'all!  Did anyone watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown last night?  I did...for the third time this season.


Love it.

But enough of my nostalgia for the Peanuts gang, let's get to...

Celebrity Playlist: Sean Giambrone of "The Goldbergs"  (Oh my, what an eclectic mix of old school stuff for such a schmoopy nugget!)

14 Kids Movies From the '80s That Left You Horrified  (Tim Curry, why must you always be so damn creepy?)

9 Healthy and Easy Fall Salad Recipes  (Yum!)

6 Creepy Victorian Ghost Stories to Read Right Now  (Those Victorians spooked it up old school!)

20 Healthier Halloween Candy Choices  (I hope Brach's Caramel Candy Corn is on this list because I <3 them very much)

Why the End of Daylight Saving Is Not Necessarily a Sleep Fix  (I've never understood why this is such a big deal.  Two days, adjusted...boom!)

4 Stretches to Relieve Common Injuries  (I need some relief right about now.  Hope it brings you some too)

Houzz Tour: Meet the Schoolhouse Saved By ‘The Birds’  (Caw!  Caw!)

10 Classic Halloween Specials You Can Stream Right Now  (I'm so watching Garfield asap!)

 These Real Estate Agent Photos Are Laugh-Out-Loud Funny  (The first one is hilarious!)

Preserving Analog Memories in a Digital World  (I need to get on this)

How Hard Is Moderate Exercise? Not As Hard As You Might Think  (Interesting tidbit)

19 Brilliant Car Hacks to Ride In Style (and Save Money!)   (Some good stuff in there to keep in mind for the next road trip!)

Tom Mison's debut on Letterman  (Because well, he's adorable)

10 DIY Mistakes Everybody Makes (And How To Fix Them!)  (Good stuff!)

7 of the spookiest urban legends in NYC  (You mean, there AREN'T gators in the sewer?)

10 spooky Halloween movies filmed in North Carolina  (Looks like a road trip is in our future.)

I'm sure we've got a few scary movies on tap for today.  If I have my druthers, it'll be Fright Night (the original, that crap remake was bad), maybe one of the Nightmare on Elm Streets might make their way in there, maybe force the Mr to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  (Insert his audible groan here)

Edit:  He just bribed me that he'll watch RHPS if I watch this HORRIBLE movie he loved called Trick or Treat.  (affiliate link)  Useless bit of knowledge regarding this movie?  Tony Fields (Sammi Curr- the demon rock star dude) was a Solid Gold dancer.  So yeah, I can't take him seriously in that.  Still trying to think of what I can barter to get out of this.

We didn't get any trick or treaters last night so continues the streak of no trick or treaters.  We might be on year ten!

Any Halloween plans?  How many trick or treaters do you get?

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  1. I wish I knew exactly what year it was when I first saw "It's the Great Pumpkin" but it was made in 1966 so it's possible I watched it even as a baby because it was always watched annually along with the Christmas special in my house growing up. Even after my entire family kind of grew out of watching those specials together ( we did stuff like that in the 70's but then in the 80's it just kind of stopped) I made it a point to watch them every year regardless, even if I had to watch alone. Oddly enough, though, we never watched the Thanksgiving special - first time I saw it was once I met you. These shows are just instant warm fuzzies for me and I know we will keep up the tradition together. We'll be 90+ year olds watching these cartoons and I love that!

    1. Yeah I grew up on those and I couldn't let a holiday slip by without watching the classics. I get just as excited now as I did then to watch them. The Thanksgiving special is kind of the weakest link of the three classic holiday ones and I know we've skipped it a few times so I want to make sure we get that one in and try not to get annoyed that Peppermint Patty just invites herself over and we urge Charlie Brown to lock the door!

  2. I'll have to check out the links this weekend - gotta get ready for hell-oween at school. (I love the holiday, but the kids are wired like little rockets).

    We'll take the little guy out trick-or-treating tonight, pick up our veggie basket tomorrow afternoon, and otherwise will have lots of time to fill.

    I agree about locking the door to Peppermint Patty. But then I try to think of her as that relative that no-one really wants around, but since she's family and it's a holiday... It works out well in the end though, and despite her intrusion I think it's a great reminder of what's important at the holidays. Popcorn and jelly beans with friends/family is better than a big fancy meal alone. Function over fuss, I think that's an important lesson. Then of course they all go to grandma's so everybody wins anyway.

    1. I do not envy you having all those lil nutballs bouncing around today! LOL Have fun trick or treating tonight!

      If it was just Peppermint Patty alone, that would've been fine but then she drags along Marcie and Franklin to the impromptu dinner and then has the nerve to be PO'd that Chuck didn't whip together a traditional feast with 3 minutes notice. Ungrateful wench! Marcie is the only one with manners asking if they were invited or did she invite herself. As you can see, I have low tolerance for people that thrust themselves upon you with no notice. A trait I'm well known for in my family.

  3. Great links! "The Last Unicorn" is SO on tap for a viewing! Unicorns were big in my first few years of elementary school and I remember that movie being full of scandal because of its darker content.

    Also, it's crazy that the Dark Crystal freaked me out when i was a kid, but it remains one of my favorites. LOL

    I may or may not have started my morning off with a Hulu streaming of the Great Pumpkin WHILST working away at my desk.

    I'm usually face painting at a carnival (church sponsored or otherwise) every year on Halloween. I was asked to face paint somewhere this year, but I decided to turn it down. Have some other plans on deck.

    "We didn't get any trick or treaters last night"--the kids in your neighborhood trick or treat the night BEFORE Halloween? I've never heard of that...

    1. Great Pumpkin at work is the perfect thumbing of your nose that you must be there today. :-)

      Oh no no, no trick or treating on Halloween would disrupt the adults party time. No weekend trick or treating either due to people out partying. All for the children, you know.

    2. OH MY GOSH! Are you kidding me? Do you live on Crabapple Lane? Next door to the Crabbingtons?? Are you sure you don't live in some 80s holiday movie where all of the adults in your neighborhood are the villains and the kids are gonna unite one Halloween (perhaps this year!) to take back the night?? There really ought to be a national news report about this.

    3. I assure you, we're not the only major metropolis that thinks this way. ;-)

  4. Linus is the man! I watched it every time it was on! A friend of mine left a voicemail doing his whole pumpkin patch speech --lisp and all--cracks me up every time. We didn't get any little visitors, but we rarely do anymore. Our street doesn't connect to the other streets so kids could have to cross a field to get to us. We did watch Celtic Demons last night from Ghost Adventures and that was some pretty freaky stuff.

    Now I await the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! It's not a very good one but the scene I love the most is Snoopy fighting the beach chair...funny mutt.

  5. I'm a huge peanuts fan. Tom Mison, yes.


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