Thursday, October 2, 2014

Easy Fall Centerpiece for the non-crafty

When I post some of my little DIY stints or even little decorating projects, I'll inevitably get a comment or two about how some of you don't consider yourselves 'crafty.'  

Well this one is for you!

All you'll need is a vessel like a bowl, tureen, a sewing machine drawer or I had this small wooden drawer on hand, three holiday "picks" and filler you may have on hand from other decorations.

 (You'll have to excuse the pics, these were taken back when we didn't have a proper dining room table because I was staining it.)

I got two identical picks and one that was similar but had a different colored pumpkin and different filler including a faux feather and some berries.

Let's get started!

If you groan at a $5 price tag, Hobby Lobby basically *always* has their holiday picks on sale for 40% off and these were no exception which meant I spent less than $10 on these.

Pull each decoration away from the main bundle.  These are all wired in so they can be easily pulled out as long as you go in right at the main stem.

When you're all done assemble your goodies in a pile.

Take the longest parts like the faux berries and line them on each side in the drawer/bowl.

Grab the leaves and use them to fill in the middle so the inside doesn't show through and to act as something for the other goodies to sit on top of.

Then it's time to put in the pumpkins.

I rested a pine cone in the middle and used the feather in the middle to secure an unwieldy gourdkin.  (Note I changed my mind on the color combo of the pumpkins already)

I grabbed some of the berries for filler.

I tucked them in any holes that were still showing.

Go out in your backyard or in a park and gather some acorns to add some interest.

Watch your creation come together to perfection.

Give it one final once over to see if it needs anything does.

I secured some fall ribbon around the perimeter with some scotch tape because no one will ever see it.

I found a cute little bird card I got and saved for some reason and stuck it in the middle for a cute touch.


A beautiful, rustic and more important, EASY centerpiece even the most novice of decorators can throw together and give a special touch of fall to any room in the house!

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  1. You did a great job with this. When we went to look at the stuff you were getting I had no idea what the heck you were going to do with it but now that I see it I am impressed and proud!

    1. Yeah dudes look at picks like "what the hell are you making that those bunches of crap?" It fits perfect on the pass through to the kitchen in that weird spot where we needed a touch of fall color!

  2. That's very cool, and you're right - even I could probably manage something like that.

  3. I don't decorate for seasons but I should start. My mother, on the other hand, would decorate for EVERYTHING. Including holidays people don't typically "decorate" for like Easter, Valentine's Day, uh what's the one with the shamrocks? Girly was all about some seasonal cheer.

    1. Your mama sounds right up my alley. I used to decorate for Vday and Easter when we first got married. Then my decorations seemed to look outdated pretty quick and I just never replaced them. I did get some antiqued pink garland on clearance and plan to decorate for Vday this year because if I don't, my Christmas tree will hit another record of January 26th before it was taken down. :-O

  4. I LOVE this! You're right, this is exactly for me, the "non-crafty" one. I can do this!

    1. See, I like to deliver to the less crafty folk as well! Then come Christmas/winter, take those out and put in some fresh pine greens and pine cones and instant decoration! :-)

  5. So pretty! I'm trying to think of a wooden drawer I might have lying around somewhere, but I think they're all in use.

  6. That is just darling! You did a really great job with it--and I love that narrow drawer! You remind me of my mom because the things the woman can do with picks is just extraordinary. This would be something great to sell on Etsy just the way it is. Magazine perfect -- I can picture this being featured in a well lit country kitchen in the middle of a long and tall farm table in Midwest Living magazine. A+++++!

  7. Love this! Autumn is definitely my favorite season because the decorations are just fantastic!


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