Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Non-Typical Tuesday Recap

Happy October, y'all!

Yesterday I was awakened by the icy cold hand of death the Mr letting me know it was time to get up.  (He had freshly washed hands) I'm so not used to having breakfast at 7am, it felt weird.  Then it was time to go off to the eye doctor.

It always makes me nervous to see their equipment for some reason even though I know they're not going to do the eye puff test but use those jaundice drops.

The Mr's grandpa used to have this box in his office and I'm pretty sure this is the only reason we go to this guy.

I had to blow off a cobweb on this so either it's a prop or all of the children that visit are pure evil.  I'm going with the latter.

When that was done, we headed home to power wash the cooties off of us since one of the receptionists was sick.  So it was time for some Emergen-C (affiliate link)  and neti pot with my new salt.  (affiliate link) Holy balls did that stuff burn!  Me thinks I might've doubled the requirement on that one since I moved from pre-packaged to loose to save moolah.  It definitely killed anything that might've been lurking.  I know I'd die if that washed over me.

Then we ran to the store, got our flu shots and did a little shopping.  To put ourselves in the category of 'guinea pigs', we felt it our duty to grab the pumpkin spice Oreos we saw.

If you can find them, I wouldn't steer you away from them but we weren't bowled over by the taste of pumpkin spice.  It was much like when we tried their rice crispy version and you couldn't actually taste the cream unless you removed the tops of two cookies and made one big mega stuff cookie out of it.  We might have two more then send them to work with the Mr.  I hate it when things are just okay versus WOW!

We had to take back a rug we got at BBB for an exchange and then it was time to peruse a few of my favorite stores.  Hello Crate and Barrel.

And Pottery Barn.

I saw the charger in the catalog and wanted to see it in person.  Meh.

I bought some birch wood logs for when it's time to switch out for winter but it's so hard to find them and I didn't think $19.95 was a bad price since I saw them going for double that price.

We figured it was time to pick up the Mr's car and as we were pulling out, I heard him honk at me and turn around.  I had to flip back around and he said that the problem wasn't fixed so he had to take it right back in.  Then they're all like "oh, I guess we'll have to pull the blower motor out and see if there's anything else down in there."  Yeah...I guess you will.  Will third time be the charm or will you need a GPS to find your ass with both hands?  I already have so little tolerance for this place and the fact we were still dealing with it when our day could've been done was not sitting well.

We couldn't help ourselves and took naps.

The Mr had to call them back  and of course they don't have the part on hand and it's 2 days out before we have to drive all the way back, come home and drive all the way back to pick it up again.  May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits, sirs.  I was not at all sorry that as I passed the woman ahead of us who was griping to us about being nickeled and dimed by these people I gave her the name of a mechanic that could give her a better price.  Pfft!

We went home and got right to the workout to get out all of that frustration...

1050 calories later and I felt better.  Old school Tae Bo baby.

Then it was time for marmalade orange roughy over spinach and carrot polenta.

485 calories of delish.

We gave two new shows we had NO intention of watching a chance...Selfie with John Cho and Mahattan Love Story.  Selfie wasn't awful which is way better than we thought.  We'll likely watch it next week to make our decision to DVR or not to DVR.   MLS was okay.  The lead character was a cutie and then she went on a blind date with a hottie Nate Fisher's little brother looking guy.  We *might* give it another chance especially when she said to herself "fist bump, the handshake of douche bags."

When was your last eye doctor appointment?  Have you given any new shows a chance that you didn't think you would? 

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  1. It was kind of a wacky day off. Frustrating in places but at least we got the flu shots and eye doc out of the way. And as frustrating as the car stuff is, at least we know what NOT to buy next time around!

    1. Yes it was. I'm glad we got the medical stuff out of the way. Yes, they have certainly soured us on the brand and what sucks is there aren't any affordable cars that wow us out there since every sedan looks the same these days. If Tesla would like to donate a car to you, I'm all for it. ;-)

  2. I went to the eye doctor in the spring. After having my eyes mildly dilated continuously as a child (they thought loosening the eye muscle as a child would prevent even worse vision as an adult - it didn't work), I refuse to have my eyes dilated annually. I'll do it every 3 years or so, but you don't hear eye doctors telling everyone they should go get their eyes dilated do you?? Only those of us with vision problems have to be tortured.
    Have you tried the TJ Pumpkin flavored Joe Joes?? They were out at the TJ here, but will be getting more today. I tried the pumpkin flavored croutons at TJ which I originally thought were a bit over the top. They are actually delicious and were a great topping to butternut squash soup.

    1. Oh my goodness, that's awful! I had the weaker dilation done yesterday but he said since I don't wear contacts and my vision hasn't changed over the last 3 years that I can go every other year now. The Mr had the stronger dilation done and was in misery all day. I don't think they should do a strong dilation that lasts ALL day. That's just not good for you.

      I didn't know they carried pumpkin Joe Joe's! Hmm, might just have to give those a try. The Mr's work will be thrilled with the influx of cookies! LOL

  3. So sorry about all the car trouble, that can be so frustrating. Quick question, where is the recipe for your dinner from? It looks awesome!

    1. Thanks, it definitely can especially when your car is barely a year old. Grrr!

      I've got the recipe coming up the week after next with a new segment I'm going to start doing. I promise it'll be worth the wait. Delicious and fast!

  4. Let's see... eye appointment last June. I'll let the dentist and doctor slip, but I'm really good about making sure I get in to see the eye doctor. My vision was awful and then I had lasik and now I'm super careful about getting checked every year.

    It's not a sedan, but I love my new-ish car - it's a 2012 Chevy Captiva and I'm really happy with it.

    My problem this year was not adding any more new shows to watch, I just don't have the time. I'm going to have to cut some from my existing list I think. I did accidentally end up watching Gotham before Sleepy Hollow and now I'll have to watch that one every week. Selfie looked ok, and I wanted to check out Forever, but I really don't have the time.

    1. I think that's probably pretty common. The eye doc is the least 'threatening' of the docs we can see. LOL

      Glad you love your car! I really miss my Dodge Intrepid. It's in a good home now as someone's first car (with only 20K miles on it!) But man, that car was amazing.

      Sounds like you could have a summer of binge watching ahead of you. Luckily about the time you go on break is when you do reruns! The Mr keeps talking about Forever, might have to check it out.

  5. Haven't been to Crate & Barrel in so long. Probably better for my wallet that way.

    Old School Tae Bo! I just may pull out the Billy Blanks. Wonder what he's doing now...commence time wasting Google search.

    I have been out of the TV loop and tend to not add any new shows. Just looking forward to new eps of already favorites like New Girl, The Mindy Project, Parks & Rec, Modern Family. Too bad Community is gone. ;-( I'm sure it will have a rebirth on Netflix or somewhere a la Arrested Development due to the massive cult following.

    1. I like C&B's holiday stuff sometimes. Their regular stuff is a little too modern for me and we also had a horrible experience with one of their bedroom sets but for birch logs and tea towels, I'm down.

      Yep when we need some variety, we pull out the old school stuff. Funny though how you can still remember every move 2 seconds before it comes up.

      I think Yahoo saved Community and it's going to be their first streaming TV show. I don't know when it premieres.

    2. OMG! I didn't know that about Yahoo/Community! Thanks! Googling this info (ironically NOT yahoo searching LOL)

  6. I was at the eye doctor's earlier this year. The Eye "Poof" test is okay, just annoying. I was glad I didn't have to be dilated, or take the alternative test which costs $30 (but is well worth it to avoid the after-affects of dilation) this year. Evidently, anyway at my age, dilation is an every-other-year test. So I saved $30, and the whole appointment was only $10, thanks to my insurance. Then I took the results to a cut-rate eyeglass outlet, and got an attractive pair of glasses (first new pair in 3 years) for less than $100. Of course that was also WITH my insurance coverage, otherwise it would have been closer to $200.

    We caught Black-ish the other night and didn't think much of it. We like Madam Secretary with Tea Leoni, and also Skorpion (I think that's what it's called--about the smart group of young people working to solve crimes--hubs is all about the crime procedurals). With all the sports on right now, haven't had a chance to catch up on the DVR'd stuff--hope to do that soon. On a positive note--Both our KC Chiefs and KC Royals won this week, and that is unusual and wonderful!!! I call them OUR KC teams, even though we are 200 miles from Kansas City, it's the closest city with professional teams. In between, we are busy rooting for the Nebraska Cornhuskers! GO BIG RED!!

    1. Everything exam wise is covered on ours but I feel like they charge too much for frames. Our ins only overs $120-160 on frames depending on the brand and so much on the lenses. Mine are fine. Unless I break them, I probably won't be getting new ones anytime soon much to their dismay.

      We like Madam Secretary too. I've always loved Tea Leoni so I was definitely going to give it a chance. We have to watch Scorpion on the following weekend's rerun because it goes against Sleepy Hollow and The Voice. After the first episode's ending it basically lost us but we're giving them one more shot. Good luck to your teams!

  7. I'm due back at the eye doctor in December. What I like about this place is instead of the puff test they put this little instrument up to your eye and it does three little puffs that are so whisper-like I barely feel them. In five seconds both eyes are done.

    As for new shows, we watched Selfie too and thought it was pretty decent. Then we watched Scorpion and we both really liked that. Had some great dry humor in there and it's a very interesting cast of characters. Very good first episode. We like Blackish too--that's a funny show.

    1. I wouldn't mind little puffs. It was the POW! that I didn't care for but they haven't done that at our office for like a decade. I'm not a fan of dilation.

      Selfie apparently tanked ratings wise so I guess we shouldn't get too attached. LOL


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