Friday, August 15, 2014

What I'm Reading This Week

Happy Friday y'all!

Sorry I'm a little late this afternoon but our jackhole internet provider decided to be down from 5:20pm yesterday (you know, when we were right in the middle of a Fitness Blender workout) until bedtime.  As we woke up, it was still out and I'm posting during varying pockets of uptime as they attempt to fix it.  So if there are typos, you're going to have to excuse them as there was no time for proof reading.

Thankfully, last night we rented two movies to keep us entertained.  Want to hear the most emotional movie night combo ever?  Heaven is for Real and Angriest Man in Brooklyn (affiliate links)  starring Robin Williams as a man given 90 minutes to live.  Yeah...apparently we're (I'm) a super glutton for punishment.  But, Heaven was really good.  More of a Lifetime movie feel to it but loved the message, lots of good actors in it and that little boy could be sopped up with a biscuit.  Angriest Man had to be a real hoot for Robin to film.  He got to drop more F bombs than I knew was possible.  More than anything besides the challenging subject matter was what you come to expect from Robin...lessons.  Lessons on how to live a better life.  Lessons in how to take minutes and moments of your life and make them count.  Many tears were shed but less than I thought because of how much he made us laugh through the tears. 

So here's a better late than never edition of...

29 Freeing Truths Of Being A Low-Maintenance Girl  (Not all but most apply)

Shocking Anti-Obesity PSA Sparks Debate  (Interesting.  Apparently we should all just blame our parents? What are your thoughts?)

Bring in Warmth and Character With Reclaimed Wood  (Pretty!!)

Set Aside a 15 Minute Block Every Day Devoted to Self-Improvement  (You up for the challenge?)

How to Do the Perfect Kettlebell Swing  (My body is still reeling from last night's session)

Why It's So Hard to Remember People's Names  (I'm SO bad at this!  I will literally forget as soon as you tell me.)

Eww! with Taylor Swift  (I've been waiting for another episode!)

6 Quick Tips to Save on Gas   (We'll need this over the next few months.  Road trips!)

The Benefits of Pessimism  (I prefer to call myself cautiously optimistic with relatively low expectations so anything better than that is a bonus)

Banana Bread from Bon Appetit  (On my 'to make' list)

41 Things We Miss About Grade School   (Waaaahhhh, I wanna go back!   Kinda.)

7 Things That Are Aging Your Skin Prematurely (Stop These Bad Habits Now!)  (Oh how I wish I could sleep on my back)

5 Small Things You Can Do Now to Prep Your Holiday Budget  (Good way to save without feeling the pinch too much)

Burger King customer 'buys all the apple pies to spite crying child queueing behind him'   (Courtesy of the Mr.  I want to bake this man an apple pie and thank him.)

5 Little-Known Duran Duran Songs Worth Spinning  (Not sure I agree with these but give 'em a listen if you're so inclined)

In addition to the usual links, here are the links to articles I've been reading about Robin Williams this week...

Robin Williams' daughter Zelda tweets: 'I love you, I miss you. I'll try to keep looking up'

Friends and Fans React to Robin Williams's Death

"Lyddie" (Lisa Jakub) from Mrs. Doubtfire relays sweet story of Robin's kind heart

These Photos Of Koko The Gorilla Mourning The Loss Of Robin Williams Are Incredibly Moving

Olaf remembers his friend and idol, the Genie  (Get out the tissues)

How Robin Williams Helped Conan Cope With 'Tonight Show' Debacle

Robin Williams: The 60 Minutes interview  (This is from 1986.  PC people, skip it.)

Outtakes from Robin Williams' 60 Minutes interview  (In addition to above link)

Pierce Brosnan Opens Up About Robin Williams Death

If you would like to give to some of the charities Robin supported through the years in his memory, please visit their respective pages below:

If you would like to donate to the Parkinson's Foundation in Robin's memory, you can go to their website or to learn more about this disease.

If nothing else, perhaps his death will shed some light on the often stigmatized subject of depression and bring more awareness to Parkinsons.  39,000 people per year or 108 per day die from suicide.  I was shocked to learn over this past week that more people die from suicide vs homicide in the United States.  Addicts have a rate of depression 3-4x higher than non-addicts.  Both issues need to be treated to ensure we don't lose another person.  It is often times not the saddest person you know but the happiest that is masking pain.  Be a friend and check in on others to ask how they are doing and if there is anything they need to talk about.  It's a small thing but can make a big difference and imagine how much nicer the world would be if we showed each other the kindness of more time and attention?  We're all on this journey of life together, lets make it a less rocky road to travel for ourselves and for others whenever possible.

If you or someone you know needs help dealing with depression or suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

On a lighter note, no real plans this weekend that I know of.  I'm hoping to have the table moved back in by Monday after the wax cures and can take our abuse.  Then I will be officially done with the big pieces of furniture and we can move on to the smaller projects.  

What's on tap for your weekend?

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  1. Better late than never baby! What a crappy internet provider you must have, oh wait...

    Both movies were very eye opening in their own ways. It was kind of a glutton for punishment kind of movie night but in the end I am glad we saw both of them together since it did provide for some good things to ponder.

    Still cannot believe Robin Williams is gone but it is amazing to see just how many people were big fans of his and what a wonderful family he has too. What a week huh?

  2. Geesh was all on board with the grade school nostalgia until I hit the "having an aol screen name". Uhhh, I'm in my 30s and I have gray hair older than AOL!

  3. I'm definitely low maintenance and so many of those apply to me. I do dress up a bit for work, but catch me on a weekend and all bets are off. I actually bought a hair dryer curler thingy today (got my hair cut for the first time in 2 years - donated the braids) and I'm more than a little intimidated and have no idea how to use the thing. Hubby had sisters so he picked it out and will have to show me how to work it. Normally it's a big ol' giant clip or braid and I'm out the door.

    The "things we miss about school" list made me laugh. Mostly because my school still has a bunch of those things. I personally have an overhead projector and a tv on a cart in my classroom and still use both.

    It may age my skin, but I'll give up my straw when you pry them from my cold dead hand. My teeth are just too sensitive to drink cold drinks any other way.

    I'm still reeling from his death too. My hope is that the publicity generated will have a positive end result. I know it's awful for his family and friends, but my hope is that after a time it will raise awareness and help prevent future suicides.


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