Friday, August 1, 2014

Tootles July and what I'm reading this week is July over?  Another month in the books...

Happy August y'all.

While I ponder the lightning speed passage of time, let's get to...

10 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Simon  (Not LeBon or Cowell...the old school game)

5 Myths About Corn You Should Stop Believing  (I love corn.  Corny corn corn.)

Exposed by My Children for What I Really Look Like  (Read it)

Best and Worst Nuts for Your Health  (Sorry but you couldn't pry macadamia nuts from my rigor mortised hands)

What This Amazing Dog Has Done Every Night For 3 Years Will Break Your Heart  (Tissue alert.  I love dogs)

Weight-Loss Supplement Linked to Liver Failure Case  (Just a heads up)

Yes Way! 17 Amazing Hacks Google Can Do   (I don't know I'd say amazing but cool)

Walmart's Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Melt  (Yike)

11 Kitchen Storage Tricks to Steal from the Bathroom  (Interesting)

5 Things You Can Do Now to Avoid Alzheimer's Disease  (Get on it whether you have it in your family or not)

Remove Egg Shells From a Mixing Bowl by Wetting Your Fingers First  (Must remember to do this this morning)

Why Don’t British Singers Have British Accents When They Sing?  (Always wondered about this!)

TRX Workout: 5 Simple Moves to Challenge Your Whole Body  (We LOVE our TRX knock offs!)

15 Things You May Not Have Known About Scream  (One of our favorite movies!  So glad we got to visit the high school filming site)

19 Celebrity Kitchens Better Than a Live-In Chef   (Though I'll take a live in chef as well)

This Little Girl Completely Loses It When She Finds Out Her Baby Brother Can’t Stay Tiny Forever  (OMG, tissues.  Tissues.  And I think maybe some tissues.  56 seconds of almost made my womb unclench.  Almost.  Not really...but still)

I don't know that we have anything planned for Saturday but Sunday is a family reunion.  This should be interesting.  It's at some dude's house that I don't even know or couldn't point out in a lineup.  (Assuming he committed a crime in which he would be in a line up.)  I think I'm making chocolate peanut butter cupcakes.  I've got everything on hand in one form or another and I just don't feel like buying extra to make something.  I know, lazy.  I can slap 'em in a tin, cover 'em up and leave them there when we sneak out.

I wish reunions were like they were when I was a kid, up through my teen years.  We had them at a great private housing addition on a lake where my aunt and uncle live and all of the old people were fun loving and played games.  Now most of them are gone, some don't come anymore claiming they're too busy for 2 hours out of the year and everyone just kind of sticks to their small family cliques.  I think this is where the term "put in an appearance" applies...assuming we don't get lost in the back hills of the area and end up head cheese.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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  1. It was a July full of odd weather patterns, not that I'm complaining that we had gorgeous 72 degree days in July mind you, and some fun road trips. It also went by pretty fast. The summer is nearly over now and it felt like it had just begun really. But I always look forward to fall so I hope we get a nice long perfect fall season!

    1. Yeah, I remember when we were sitting on our patio on Memorial Day weekend and it was 90 degrees and we said what a crappy summer we were in for. It's just been rainy and relatively tolerable. Makes me cringe for what Fall has in store. It'd better be cooler than normal temps. I'm ready for sweatshirts and fuzzy socks!

  2. I can't believe July is over. I go back to work August 11th - and I have no idea where my summer went. Today hubby is hoping to have the tub surround in, and then tomorrow or Sunday the boy and I head out of town for his dr. appointments on Monday.

    1. Yeah I imagine having summers off you probably cringe when you start seeing the back to school commercials popping up July 1st. Hope all is well with the little guy and your bathroom is done soon!

  3. Ok, ok, YOU. This is NOT going to be some new Friday tradition: you posting links about benevolent junkyard dogs or homeless people and me CRYING IN MY OFFICE ALL AFTERNOON! LOL

    1. Hey, if I gotta cry...YOU gotta cry! Hence tissue alert. Read those when you get home, woman! LOL

  4. Noooo. I can't save them. Your Friday links make Friday FRIDAY! :-) I love the diverse and random links. Keep em comin'. Thanks for the entertainment. :-)

    1. The Mr was checking the last little girl link and I started bawling and I didn't even see it. Just hearing her was enough to make me tear up. Curse you hormones!

  5. Oy, good luck with the reunion...always a wee bit of a stressor. If it gets too icky just tap the face of your watch a couple of times and say "tick tock, gotta go". I have a meeting tomorrow morning and then mostly house cleaning. I think I am going to peruse Old Time Pottery as I have a few Tupperware things I need and they have an abundance of it. Need a desk drawer organizer as well since the room I sit in at work doesn't have one and all my crap flies all over the place in there. The hubs rented Heaven is for Real and the Lego Movie so if my attention span engages, I'll watch them. Oh look, there's a squirrel....

    1. I'll be playin' it be ear for sure. They I just found out we're not eating until like 90 minutes after the official start and half of my family isn't even going to be there until an hour later! I kind of had plans for the rest of the day and was only planning on 2 hours there. GRRR! We'll see.

      Let me know how Heaven is for Real is. I want to see that. We liked the Lego Movie. "Everything is AWESOME!!!!!" Good luck getting it out of your head!


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