Friday, August 22, 2014

Inching toward remodel finish and what I'm reading this week

It's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-daayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

*Insert booty poppin' dance here*  (I refuse to call it twerking.)

Yesterday I was quite productive.  I hacked up a bamboo valance, thought I broke it, saved it, hung it in a weird way and used unconventional ties that allowed me to fix a crooked and off balance valance hang job.  (That is one letter off from being very dirty)  I'll share it with you when I take the final pic.

I did a Fall project and in an attempt to do it an easy way, it turned into the hard way of course and I was just ready to slap it up on the front door.  I got some hangers spray painted and the Mr is going to take care of those for me today since I want to get our curtains up.  I'll be finishing up the table today and hopefully have it moved in tonight or tomorrow.  I can't wait to be done with the big stuff!  Par-tay y'all!

But enough of that jazz, let's get to...

Train Like a Badass: American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro's Workout Tips  (Commencing badassedness in 3...2...)

Dog Catches Fox Playing With Her Toy, Is Less Than Thrilled About It   (The cuteness..I die)

Dave Grohl rules  (As if I need another reason to love him)

5 Cardio Myths You Need to Stop Believing  (Fer real, yo)

10 Chores You Can Whip Through During Commercials  (Cleaning during commercials, novel idea!)

10 Struggles Of Having An Excellent Memory  (Yep, the Mr can attest to this about me)

10 ways you're sabotaging your workout  (Agree with some, not with others but this is called what I'm reading, not what I'm agreeing with so...there's that.)

17 Reasons Why You Secretly Can’t Wait For Summer To End  (Are you kidding?  I'm crackin' open my pumpkin now and have fall decor on the front door!)

Real Women Dish on What Works For Weight Loss  (Great stories!)

40 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About HGTV  (Good stuff.   I may or may not have it on right now.  I do.)

Social Security strategies that can boost your income  (Very good tips!  Video starts on landing)

Yes, Google Maps is tracking you. Here’s how to stop it  (Cue Rockwell.  Good for you if you didn't have to Google the reference)

New 'Scooby-Doo' Movie 'Curses' Daphne From Size 2 to Size 8  (That's a size 28 and I know because I used to be it.  This is disgraceful.  Evidently you're cursed if you're over a size 8 and if you are, you resemble a sumo suit!?!?!)

Chris Pratt Visits Children's Hospital Los Angeles in Costume as Star-Lord From Guardians of the Galaxy   (As if I need another reason to celeb crush.  I'll take him over Gosling any day)

Six Questions to Ask Yourself Before You DIY  (Points to ponder)

WTF Does It Really Mean to "Listen to Your Body?"  (Listening to it now and my injury seems to be healing quite nicely)

What Should I Do With My Old, Orphaned 401(k)s?  (Don't forget you've got 'em!)

Sleep Hack: Keep Your Feet Outside Your Covers!  (But...but...what if the boogey man grabs my foot!?)

Remembering Robin  (Written by "Natalie" from Mrs Doubtfire.  Wonderful account of his humanity)

David Letterman Honors Robin Williams With Moving 10-Minute Tribute on The Late Show  (Tissues toward the end.)

Surprising Robin Williams/Star Trek Connections  (Pretty sweet behind the scenes stuff!)

Robin Williams laid to rest  (I may have never met you but your passing has affected me as much as your wonderful life.  Thank you for blessing our lives with laughter and lessons.)

25 Future Stars who appeared on Are You Afraid of the Dark?  (Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society...)

No real plans yet for the weekend.  I'd like to get some projects finished and start getting the house back to its final state.  (Until I get my hands on it for Fall decorating!)

What are you fine people getting into this weekend?

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  1. I am sooo ready for the remodel to finally be done. I want to see the entire finished product! Thanks for more great links. Looks like you have some real gems in there. Time to get started reading!

    1. I know, I'm sorry it's taken this long. Between the weather in the beginning and my waning enthusiasm, I've dragged this out. Glad you liked Dave Grohl's challenge video. Now I'm done seeing them clog up my damn feed. Donate quietly and stop injuring yourselves people. It's ridiculous how many people have ended up in the hospital over this.

  2. If given the chance, I would take BOTH Chris Pratt and Ryan Gosling!!! Although it's kind of amazing the way Chris Pratt goes from soft and cuddly to absolutely ripped, seemingly at will.

    1. Yeah Anna Faris has gotta be all like "hello two men for the price of one!"

  3. Man that fox is beautiful! And he plays just like a little pet. aww!

    Dave Grohl eats awesome for breakfast.

    About to watch the Chris Pratt (lurv!) and Robin Williams videos.

    have a good weekend!

    1. I want a fox now.

      Dave Grohl DOES eat awesome for breakfast.

  4. I have my meeting tomorrow morning, then depending on how awful it is outside we *might* take a trip to the apple orchard that opened today. I like to go when it's not crowded and mom really likes one of the salad dressings they carry so I'll buy up a bunch of bottles for her. If we don't do that, then it's house stuff. I didn't grocery shop last week so we are in dire need of some staples. I was given a recipe for freeze-ahead vegetable soup and I just my pull out my handy dandy crock pot and give that a go.

    1. Apple orchard should be fun! Don't do house stuff, it'll be there when you get back. Hee hee...I'm bad.


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