Monday, August 25, 2014

Ambitious plans

Oh ambitious plans, where art thou?

I remember we said we were going to get the house back in order...

*looks around*

Yeah...that didn't happen.

It's not that we didn't want to.  Or that we didn't attempt to.  But you know how you redo your space and realize, "holy crap, without all of the pictures taking up most of the armoire space, we have no decor."  Well, Fall decorating season is basically a week away and I wasn't going to decorate for our "regular" look and then take it all down in a week so we had to look for autumn accoutrements.  Luckily I knew of a few places that had a plethora of items and after lots of internet searches as well as some local shopping, I got goodies.

But first, I had to decorate the armoire for the "after" pic on how I re-purposed that particular one so that started at 11:30pm on Saturday because obviously, I'm insane.  Earlier that evening, I had to buy D rings for a window that is getting hung and then I spied some cone flowers in gorgeous Fall colors and well, those had to be bought.  It was a moral imperative.  Darnedest thing though, the middle part poked me pretty hard and I had an allergic reaction to it.  So that meant I wouldn't be the one planting them.  I'd grown tired of the hodge podge of perennials that we've planted over the years.  Some would come back up, others gave me the bird from the great beyond.  The Mr transplanted the hostas to the back and got the new plants in the ground.  Now we must remember to water them.  Mmm hmm.

There was an autumn mantel project that sounded so easy when I thought of it and I got going on it and it took ALL day Sunday (in between doing other things) and I could sense the Mr's disappointment but I wasn't going to move the table back in only to sprawl out crafting materials on it.  We still need to let it cure for a week so VERY light eating on it then nothing else.

The Mr was helping some friends of ours with computer issues and when he came back, I had dinner ready for him...

Turkey burger that shrunk up to the size of a slider (look how ridiculous that normal sized bun looks!) stuffed with a laughing cow and a grilled half sweet potato with a slight drizzle of coconut syrup.  Twas delish!

I'm hoping we'll have better luck this week getting the house back together because I'm mentally just done.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Minor setback but we'll get there. We are very close to being done and I know it will look great when we get there. Can't wait to see it all!

    1. So close to being done I want someone else to come in and finish it for me so I can collapse. :-| I can't wait to see it too!

  2. I have stuff like that happen all too often. This weekend was ok - Saturday was a whole lot of nothing and Sunday was run around like a crazy person day trying to get set for the week. I did manage to get the little guy to the pool though so that's something.

    I'm in awe of your decorating-ness. I put up a Christmas tree and that's it. No fall or spring decor, I don't even decorate for my favorite holiday. I just don't have that gene - although I kinda wish I did.

    1. A whole lot of nothing can be good from time to time!

      I must've gotten your dose of the gene in addition to my own. I was in charge of putting up the Halloween paper cut out decorations in the windows (or for any holiday) and that has always been one of my favorite memories. I lamented when doing that went out of style. I think as I roll firmly into middle age, I'm realizing it's time to update decorations I had as a new bride so I'm choosing things carefully. If you'd ever told me I'd be squealing over birch bark...oh who am I kidding, I've always loved this stuff! :-)

  3. My weekend was the pits. My other half was in a pisser of a mood so Saturday was a complete bust. Sunday was somewhat better but by then *I* was in a pisser. BUT I did my workout and felt fabulous for doing so! I did my strength training today and feel pleasantly tired now. It's amazing how much I sweat doing that--even more than cardio work. Funny thing, I can truly notice a difference in the core area from last week. Slight difference but enough I could notice it. Progress, not perfection...dat's me mantra... =o)


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