Friday, August 29, 2014

Laughing at others and what I'm reading this week

Um yeah, so for a full hour instead of working on this post, I've been busting a gut over Pinterest fails.  I told myself earlier in the day I would NOT wait until 10pm to do my links.  It's 9:59:52pm.


So that I can get back to making myself feel better about my first attempt at cake pops, let's get to...

6 low cost, high-impact projects for your home  (That's what I'm talkin' about)

9 New Fat Facts That’ll Boost Your Weight Loss Efforts  (Do peanut butter chocolate chip cookies count?  No?  Damn.)

A Marriage to Remember (Video starts on changing 8 minutes)

Billy Crystal Pays Tribute To Robin Williams During Emmys 'In Memoriam'  (No one was better suited to pay proper tribute than Billy)

30 Easy Halloween Pumpkin Ideas (No Carving Required!)  (Super cute ideas!)

9 Mistakes Not to Make at the Farmers' Market  (Just please don't take my radishes before I've had a chance to get them please)

21 Things All Blunt People Know To Be True  (I'm blunt with tact.  I won't say something that'll hurt someone's feelings but I am known as the "straight answer" friend.)

Confessions of a Pilot: Debunking the Biggest Air Travel Myths  (Can't get enough of the BTS in the airline industry)

22 Signs The DIY Lifestyle Just Isn’t For You  (So funny!)

12 of the Most Distracting Extras in Movie History  (Great, now I'll never unsee these.  Here...join me)

How to Exercise in Your Hotel Room  (Get on it, travelers)

Kathy Bates wanted to dedicate her Emmy to Robin Williams  (Yet another great story of what a sweetheart he was)

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip  (Word UP!)

Parkinson's: Robin Williams and the Irony of Optimism  (More about Parkinson's than Robin but a VERY good read)

Why Saving Tasks for Tomorrow Doesn't Always Work  (Who me?)

Jennifer Aniston, Gwen Stefani and Many More Celebs Sing Goodbye to Chelsea Lately  (So NOT a fan of this woman but the video is worth checking out)

Room of the Day: Wrapped in Blues and Silvery Hues  (Love the colors...looks around...yep, I definitely love the colors!)

Repurpose Old Windows & Doors  (So cool!)

Iconic Dishes of the '70s, '80s, '90s, and '00s   (A fun look back)

Robin Williams Performs 17 Accents In 2 Minutes On The 'Ellen' Show  (What a crack up.  Will definitely make you laugh over make you sad)

17 "Star Wars" Characters Explained By People Who’ve Never Seen The Movies  (For the Mr)

23 Moments That Made You Realize Your Childhood Was Truly Over  (Fer sure)

Now I'm going back to tormenting the Mr with my vast knowledge of 80's music.  I just blew his mind with Digging Your Scene by the Blow Monkeys when he thought he stumped me.


Any plans for the weekend?  What's your area of expertise for useless knowledge?

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  1. Those pinterest fails look pretty much like what I would end up with if I tried any of those. Gotta hand it to them for trying I guess. Me? I know better than to even attempt half of those projects.

    1. What's really strange is the caterpillar cupcake fail that almost made me pee myself was oddly not there later that night. Even on online image searches. I know I didn't imagine it! You don't give yourself enough credit. After all, you originated the Woodstock Santa cookie!

  2. Really good articles. I have to say what I loved most about the fondue pots was the different colored tips on each of the forks. For whatever reason, I used to love taking them out of the box and play with them because of those colors. This weekend so far has consisted of a meeting, the vet, the apple orchard, cutting the lawn, dishes, laundry, a wonderful nap and now reading a good book. I'm very relaxed --who knows, maybe I'll sleep more than 3 hours for a change. I'm off to count sheep....

  3. Can't wait to read these today. I got a lotta blog catchin up to do 'cuz of the holiday, ;-)


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