Monday, August 18, 2014

Barter payment, chili and working through an injury

Happy Monday loverlies!

It was a nice weekend, not too busy but just busy enough.  We went to this one farmers market for the first time this year.  I can't believe we haven't made our usual rounds this season.  We got there a little late so most of the stuff we wanted to get was already sold out so we only came away with a zucchini and a banana pepper for the Mr.  

Wah wahhh.

One of our friends who owns an antique/upcycle store paid the Mr for his computer prowess by letting me take home this molding I was eyeing for the remodel.  

It was worth the price they had on it to me but even better in trade!  I thought some of the scratches were deep but they were only surface so it should be a quick sand down then I can start painting it.  Braaaahoooo!

Oh yeah, like our current dining table up there?  It's a folding buffet table I've had for years, like a long TV tray.  It's not the most comfortable solution since we have to straddle the ends to eat there but you do what you've gotta do.  I've got my table top curing in the garage and have to do a few touch ups on a leg then I'll poly the legs and we'll move 'er in the house.  I'd like to give another full week of curing in the house and keep anything off the top so we might have to keep the folding table in the living room.  I know that's news to the Mr.  D'oh.

I made the first chili of the season yesterday.

(I didn't have a charged camera but we had this sans the bread butt)
It was sooo good...and filling.  It was grocery day so we got all of our shopping done then worked on chores and took a wee nap before deciding what to do for the day.  I am still nursing a numb(ish) thumb from that horrid yoga class a week ago and when it improves, I would do something stupid like a double kettlebell session and set myself back.  So I'm on a self imposed strength hiatus this week.  I feel better today so I'm going to give it until Wednesday then I'll do a light free weight workout and see how that goes before assessing to see if another one will be done Friday.  I can't even do hard cardio like Turbo Fire where there is punching and stuff because the intensity of the punch numbs me back up.  I know I just have to let it heal on its own time and do what I can to help it along.  Injuries blow.  Pffft.

So last night's workout was a walk around the city in the sweltering humidity but at least it wasn't using my arms in any way.  Later on when we got home, we did IT band stretching session so that we would hopefully not be so gimpy today.

Oh yeah, I've got a new recipe coming soon.

Try not to faint.

How was your weekend?  

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  1. I'm glad I was able to help our friends and get you a free antique in the process. It is fun to barter for services like that. Chili was wonderful as usual. It's really getting to be that time of year and I love it. Chili is just the first of many awesome things that Fall represents.

    Glad you are going to take it a little easier this week. You need to heal up because it does no good to keep up that kind of injury. Take it easy baby!

    1. Heck yeah! If you want to do that more often, I've got a few other antique stores I wouldn't mind hitting up! HA! I was thrilled when the wife offered it to me. I did my two polite refusals and was even more happy that he cut it to size for us! YEE-HAW! I love chili. I'm so ready for chili season!

      I feel bad that I can't do some full force stuff. My ankles and arches are still really feeling it from the HIIT on Friday. How I wish my body was still 20 and no issues yet. Don't realize how good you have it until you hobble from time to time. :-\

  2. Saturday we took the boy to the fair. He had a great time, hubby and I griped about the prices ("I remember when xyz only cost abc"). So pretty much par for the course. Then on the way home we stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant, and then ended up leaving after 15 minutes when none of the waitresses even made eye contact let alone greeted us. So we went to a plan B restaurant which was ok, but still super busy because of fair week. We decided that next year we'll plan better and either pack a picnic supper or come home to eat.

    Yesterday was chore day (boo) and I started coming down with a cold. Just a little "gotcha" as I start my first week with kids.

    1. OMG, aren't fair prices insane?? We dropped $50 there two years ago and we didn't even ride rides or play games! That was admission, one meal and I think splitting 2 "fair food" items. Ridiculous! I can't imagine it with kids, price wise. Sorry the Mexican restaurant didn't pan out. Nothing worse than being ignored like your business doesn't mean squat, I don't care how busy they are!

      Grab some Emergen C and see if you can catch the cold before it goes full blast. I'm not usually a fan of cold voodoo meds but this stuff has helped us every time. Enjoy your first week back to school! ;-)

  3. Hey that's super awesome that you remodel woods--two clap for you!

    Farmer's Markets are amaaazing right? I keep meaning to put them into my weekly schedule--but I always forget!

    Last weekend was legit! We hiked the Narrows in Zion, and watched Joseph at the Tuacahn outdoor theater. I was in heaven!

    1. I wish I knew how to router and do the fancy stuff but yeah, sanding and painting/staining? No prob! I know, I get farmers market reminders in my email too and I still forget or don't prioritize them this year for some reason. Oy.

      Sounds like you had a great weekend! Good on ya!

  4. The antique molding is gorgeous. I have a rack upstairs in my bedroom from my parent's antique collection. Its very ornate, and reminds me of this molding!
    I did so little this weekend I'm embarrassed, LAZY! I did attend my lovely granddaughter's 5th birthday party and got some major cuddling time with 3-month old grandson Noah. It was GRAND! (Pun intended!)

    1. Thanks! I loved it too. I feel so lucky to have snagged it!

      Hey, some weekends, you just feel like resting up. No shame in that! But you got some good grandbaby time in. :-)


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