Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Twas movie night, y'all

The Mr got a coupon from the local video store for rent one, get one free, which means...we're there dude.

We perused the new and new-ish releases and decided on Blended (affiliate link)  and Single Mom's Club.  I love Adam and Drew together but heard some not so great things about it so I went in cautiously optimistic.  Single Moms Club (affiliate link)  was a total trailer hook so we settled in with some TJ's lite kettle corn.  I didn't realize it until after we started Blended but our movies had Wendi Mclendon-Covey in common which only made me want The Goldbergs to come back on sooner than later.

Blended -  (affiliate link) We weren't even an hour in and wanted to turn it off.  How sad that the chemistry seems to have fizzled between these two.  How we longed for The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates Adam and Drew.  I think it was the addition of annoying children and completely idiotic situations that just tanked it for us.  We waited around for it to get better.  The African band that kept singing at poignant times...I wanted to kick them all in the coconuts and Kevin Nealon, oh man.  The Mr said he cheapens everything he's in and sadly, that applied to his role in this one.  It was hard to watch him so I tried not to.  But thankfully the last third of the movie got funnier, sweeter and a little more emotional.  It didn't pull it completely out of the toilet but it got rim high by the end when they FINALLY unleashed the chemistry.  The gag reel was good so watch that if you rent it.

Single Moms Club(affiliate link) I felt like for once we didn't get trailer duped.  Sassy, funny and all of the things you come to expect from a Tyler Perry flick.  I was horrified to see the lead singer of the African band from Blended was also in this movie and just as annoying and sing songy.  I tried to shake it off and enjoy the rest of the flick.  Of course it also had its lessons and serious side.  I couldn't help but think of my own mom who became a member when I was 8 years old.  She did it on a retail job salary, pop squat child support she rarely got on time from a dude who could afford double and made sure I had everything I needed and many things I wanted.  I was also glad I didn't give her the kind of grief these brats gave these women.  She's thanked me for that more than a few times.  Toward the end, it got a little preachy and felt like an Oprah show but it wasn't too bad.

Hats off to all of you single moms out there!

Rent any good (or bad) movies lately?

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  1. A bit of a mediocre movie night but still fun. I did like the way Blended ended up but it could have used some editing or something at the beginning.

    1. Yeah, I'd say mediocre covered it. Blended was definitely longer than it needed to be and pretty predictable. I notice you didn't comment on the other one, could it be you were watching it through your eyelids for 1/3 of the movie? ;-)

  2. No recent rentals here. I was going to rent one last weekend, but then I forgot my wallet in the car and after I ran out to grab it there was a guy at the Redbox. I figured it was fate talking so I got my groceries and got out. There are a few I want to see that are out now, but nothing I'm chomping at the bit to see. It's too bad Blended wasn't that great, it's one I'd been hoping to see and enjoy.

    1. Yeah, that might've been the movie gods steering you another way. LOL You might like Blended, I don't know. I just know for us some of the situations were ridiculous and distracted from the movie and sometimes they laughed at each other and got out of character like "this was the best take we could get."

  3. Right now I'm finishing up the first season of Ray Donovan. I love Liev Schreiber so I had to check it out. It's good but it took a few episodes before I decided I liked it (some of the secondary characters are irksome).

    This weekend. . .wait for it. . .GHOSTBUSTERS RE-RELEASE IN THEATERS.

    Now I've seen Ghostbusters in the theater a handful of times since its original release in 1984, but this will be my first viewing (in any venue) since the sad passing of Harold Ramis. I hope I don't cry (I bet I get misty).

    1. We tried watching that show and halfway through we decided it wasn't worth the time. It was more irritating than entertaining for us. Totally agree with the secondary characters.

      Ooh, we might have to hit up the theaters. I wish the local drive in was playing it, that could be a fun watch!


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