Monday, August 11, 2014

Doggies, the right way for us and pop culture letdown

It wasn't one of our most glamorous weekends but they can't all be road trips and unicorns.  I was glad to sleep in both days, a rarity for me.  I wake up at 7-7:15am every day on the weekend though like my body says "okay, you could totally get up now."  But I've been forcing myself to turn over and take the opportunity to rest up so I don't need to nap in the middle of the day.  

We swung by an estate sale and picked up a few things then we tried a new restaurant we passed.  I'm not a fan of dropping $80 for lunch.  It was decent, actually the appetizer, some cheesy rolls were foodgasms but the rest of it wasn't quite worth the price.  Oy. 

We stopped by a pet store to play with a pup and given how small it was, it obviously took to the Mr.  It's a gift.  Then he let her down to play and as usual, his shoelaces weren't safe.

I sewed together some pillows so we can get more comfortable on the couch.  I honestly have no idea how long they'll last but I'm just praying I can make them last until I find something that isn't ridiculously priced.  Everything is sold as pillow covers plus inserts.  Good Lord, really?  So I was forced to sew some linen napkins together and put in some inserts to get us by.

Saturday, I watched The Pioneer Woman and listened to her put down my childhood cinnamon toast prep by calling it wrong...repeatedly.  So I saw her way of doing it was to mix together 20 lbs of butter, 5 cups of sugar and cinnamon with some vanilla and slather it all over toast and bake it so it caramelizes and stuff.  Well, some of us can't afford to put 2-3 tablespoons of butter on each slice of toast along with equally as much sugar.  So I decided I'd give it a go by cutting back where I could.  I used 3 tbsp light butter (half the calories), 2 tbsp cinnamon sugar and split that amount over the four slices of bread I needed to use.  I was promised that the butter melting deep into the toast and caramelized sugar would be something magical.

It was melty, it was caramelized and the Mr and I both looked at each other and said we liked the "wrong" way better.  When I want cinnamon toast, I don't want to waste 15 minutes with prep and cooking.  I want it done in 2-3 minutes without adding 600 calories to my breakfast deficit.  (Her version, not mine)  So to each their own and we'll continue to use a toaster, a light butter spread across the bread and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar with an extra hit of cinnamon.  I love Ree's recipes but sometimes you've just gotta go with childhood recipes over trying to gourmet up a classic.   If our way is wrong, I don't wanna be right, yo.

We might've had some laundry to catch up on.

Oh the shame.  Thank God that all got folded and put away!

I made a small beef roast for us to have for lunch and dinner since I knew we weren't going out.  A sandwich and sriracha chips for lunch and a beef burrito and grilled half sweet potato for dinner.

Then we squandered our Sunday by watching one of the movies on our "I guess we should watch this pop culture favorite movie" in the form of The Big Lebowski.  (affiliate link)   I know there are people who think this is one of the best movies ever made.  We beg to differ.  Do you have to be high to tolerate it?  I checked out about 35 minutes in and wrote this post.  I can't ever get that time back.  Oh the things I could've done!

Watched an episode of That's My Mama .  (affiliate link) 

Painted the table legs in the garage.

Gone through the big box of crap that needs to go back in the armoire.

Made a to do list that might actually get me organized.

Counted the rug threads in 1/8 of our area rug.

Given myself a pedicure.

Cleaned out my purse...twelve times.

Hand blow dry the curtains hanging in basement line drying.

Watch the basil leaves come back to life after the Mr watered them.

Any of these things would've been 1000x better than the 35 minutes I wasted on that movie.  The Mr was committed and watched the whole thing.  Obviously a glutton for punishment.

So that was the excitement that was my weekend.

How about you?  Share your weekend...exciting or dull.

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  1. The weekend was better than expected. I went with a few co-worker/friends to dinner and a movie. We saw "Journey of 100 Feet" which is a movie that I never would have chosen in a million years, but it was actually pretty good. A nice, safe, feel good movie with some light laughs.

    I saw "The Big Lebowski" in the theaters when it first came out. By accident. We missed the start time of the one we actually went to see, so we saw it instead. I wasn't high, and I wasn't impressed - so maybe you're right.

    Don't mess with my cinnamon toast! I so don't need it slathered and baked. A swipe of margarine and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar is all I need, and all I want.

    Isn't it amazing how so few people can create so much laundry?

    1. That's good! I want to rent that when it comes out, I think Helen Mirren is a feisty lady.

      I just can't get over how bad that movie was. It easily slides into my top 5 worst movies ever. Ugh.

      It should've been noted that is like 3 weeks worth of laundry that was just thrown into the laundry basket in the basement and we foraged through it like college students for weeks. LOL

  2. Yeah I was not impressed by the movie but I was involved just enough in the plot to want to see how it ended and, wow, not worth it. The weekend went by fast as usual but I am glad we got some stuff done as well. Including the laundry.

    1. There was a point where the dancing bowling pin ladies were doing some number and the DVD jammed up and you were like "oh you'd better not" and I was like "thank you God for answering my prayers!"

      Yes it did go by fast. I'm hoping we can swing by the antique store this weekend and pick up that wood piece he's supposed to cut for me. I want to get it painted and hung. I want to get the whole living room done so I can then start stressing about holiday projects. LOL

  3. I am a huge fan of Ree, AKA Pioneer Woman, and have made many of her recipes. Probably why I've gained 30 pounds. I am amazed that she stays slim, because she liberally uses butter and flour and sugar in all her cooking. I have noticed she takes nightly walks with Charley, the Bassett Hound, and she always wears full, flowing blouses, perhaps to hide a little tummy? I don't know but the rest of her looks pretty trim. I didn't like that she dissed our tried and true method of making cinnamon toast either. Glad to hear you like the "toast, then butter and sprinkle with cinnamon/sugar," method better too. It's quicker and easier to make it LITER! Now that you've tried lightening up Ree's method, somewhat unsuccessfully, I won't have to mess with that. Dang....talking about cinnamon toast gets me hankering for it. Wait Five Minutes Pam!!! Does that ever work for you???

    Our weekend was very quiet, I caught the end of The Big Lebowski, and was not impressed either. I have heard of the cult following for that movie, of course my son (who is a good bowler and only 28) loves it, maybe you have to be a male aged 45 or below? My hubs didn't seem to be too impressed with the movie either, although the Sam Elliot ending was kind of cool--I love Sam!!!

    1. I rarely make her recipes because they're just way too calorie/sodium laden for our lifestyle. (I did try her homemade bacon baked beans one time and it was WAY too bacony...I can't believe I just said that! But I heavily altered it and made it the way we like them.) I would love to eat the recipes she cooks but I'm not working a ranch from pre-dawn to dusk so that's out! LOL I know she said she's lost 20 lbs recently and I hope she starts wearing some more form fitting clothing on her shows.

      Quiet can be good! :-) Yeah, I don't know who the demographic for that movie was because even the bowling scenes weren't really about bowling, ya know? LOL

  4. Well this weekend was the end of our vacation. We enjoyed being together just hanging around. Me and hubby celebrated 5 years of being married so we had some amazing burgers at a little place a few cities away. Then we went to the jewelry store and he bought me an anniversary band to match my wedding band:) I think I'm glowing.

  5. Mine was very low key and kind of blech. I didn't feel well on Saturday and took several naps to help get rid of a headache. I did meet up for lunch with a couple of friends and that was very nice. Yesterday was laundry and grocery shopping and that's about it. I will be watching American Ninja Warrior tonight and am looking so forward to it! I have my coronary CT scan on Thursday---should be interesting to see what they say about my size....

  6. I can't cook the Pioneer Woman way all. I can only watch her when I'm in a strong place . I make cinnamon toast different ways. The lightest method is butter spray , sprinkle cinnamon , sugar, butter spray and's a bit dry but is tasty


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