Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My week thusfar

Well, summer sure came back with a vengeance in our neck of the woods!

I was hoping to do a little more walking this week to give my arm a rest but still get in cardio but us curly hair girls only look like this in heinous humidity...

Last night we did Shaun T's T25 Focus Cardio which is quite a calorie burner for 25 minutes.  I think I burned 615 calories in that time and then we added some lower body stretching afterward to round me up to 730 calories total.  We've agreed that yoga will be an add on instead of a main event so it'll come after workouts like Shaun T's or Turbo Fire HIIT's.  I hope to get it in 2-3 days a week.  Despite not using any weights with that workout, I was still pretty sore afterward and had to ice my shoulder.  Good God man, I'm fallin' apart!  Today is probably the first day my arm feels about 90% better and I'm going to give light weights a go tonight; nothing higher than 10 lbs.  If I feel any kind of strain or numbness, I'll cut back to 5 lbs to see if it is doable and go from there.  If I'm relegated to 1 lb. peanut butter jars like I was the other night, then so be it.

Today the Mr and I finished up the last of our quiche.

It was quite yummy and I'm sure we'll be adding that to the rotation.

I started work on my molding so I'm thinking I can get to sanding today and hopefully get a coat or two of paint on there.  I've gotta see if that damn spot on the leg of my table has finally taken paint or if I'm going to have to tell people it's "character."  Regardless, I need to get poly on it so we can bring it in.  I think the top has cured as much as it's going to in a hotbox garage that heats up to 1000 degrees now.  I want to have people over soon and having a place to sit is usually a plus.

I'm also getting the urge to bake and cook.  It happens like clockwork this time of year.  I've even started testing some recipes for the fall.

I'm ready!

How's your week going?  

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  1. That is some hair right there! I am going to miss my morning quiche, it has been awesome to eat every morning so far. It has helped to really pump up the protein too. It will be nice to get in a good strength workout but only if you are sure you can do so. No need to push yourself too much too fast and prolong the pain.

    1. Looks like my cotton candy hair in the humid garage! I'll be careful with the weights. I want to be healed asap because this on and off tingle is irritating!

  2. My week is goin' great. Our local animal rescue league has partnered with Animal Planet Live and has brought us these:

    PUPPY AND KITTEN CAMS!! Too cute! sometimes you'll check in and they're just nappin but check throughout the day. Like right now, mama and pups are nappin. And the kitty is probably hiding in that shark thing but they do get up and play play play!

    Just thought I'd share the link with you since you're always sharing cool links with us.

  3. It's been a blah week. Monday was meetings and yesterday was a training. Computers have been down at work since last Tuesday so getting set up for kids has been a nightmare. Little guy had to go to daycare last week and predictably he picked up a cold which I now have. BUT... I always feel better when the kids come back and I'm reminded of why I do what I do, and they are coming back today so it will be better.

    1. Aww man! I hope you guys get well soon and hope your first day with the kiddies helps bring a smile to your face and not "oh Lord, I have a whole school year with THAT kid!"

  4. My week has been a little nutty. After some heart issues that seem to have resolved themselves somewhat I'm back to exercising and have done my cardio and strength training every day. My ankle flares up initially but then calms down again. I sweat worse with strength training because of all the core work (hard to do with a giant tire around my middle so that's half the effort! lol) Got called into a meeting today and let it fly. Called out the doctors and made management nervous, but I didn't give a rip. Felt great walking out of there! Am planning some day trips in October when I've taken some days off. I'm thinking a trip to Galena might be in order. =o)

    1. Glad to hear you're doing better with the heart stuff and you're back to bidness. Good for you on the meeting! I bet that felt amazing to walk out of there knowing you laid it out. Day trips rock! Have fun planning!


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