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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Current Crushes for Fall

Yeah, you read that right.  The Fall catalogs have started coming out and since y'all know that is my favorite time of year, I am in full froth mode.  I'm SO done with this summer.  It has been too hot to do anything without feeling like I was going to burst into flames so the thought of it being chilly enough for fuzzy socks and pumpkin everything?...I'm on it.  I'm sure there are far too many items for me to list in one post but I'm gonna let you peep some of my current crushes!

Let's go to the mall and hold hands whilst we skip and giggle.  Oh...uh...sorry.

First stop...Sur La Table.

Woodland Creature Glasses, Set of 4

OMG, that fox...that raccoon...I can't take it.  So adorable.  I'd probably give the owl glass to my MIL who is an owl freak (or was at one time but still appreciates them).  How cute would these be to give filled with some Reese's Pieces or candy corn for a back to school gift for a teacher?  (Or you could be her/his best friend and slip a mini bottle or two of booze in there because they're gonna need it!)

Cinnamon-Glazed Cranberry Pumpkin Spice Scones

I have been itching to do another afternoon tea again and Fall would be the perfect time to do it. These cranberry pumpkin spice scones would be a perfect compliment to "pinky's out" time!

Let's trot on over to Pottery Barn!

Pumpkin Foliage Doormat

I'm thinking my old autumn door mat is looking a bit shabby and this could be the perfect thing to replace it.  But as soon as the holiday season is over, it's right back to my usual mat that says "GO AWAY."  People who are invited over think it's funny and people who don't know us are kept on their toes.

Scarlett Dinner Plate, Set Of 4 - Grey

Seriously, I don't know what it is about this pattern that made me lose my ever lovin' mind when I saw it.  I am definitely going to see this in person to see if I love it as much as I do online because we are in the market to replace the set I got 2 years ago.  It's the Cambria plates and as pretty as they are, they are too friggin' big and unwieldy in the dishwasher.  The Mr is constantly cursing them.  The dinner plate is only an inch smaller so I'll have to measure them against the other plates we have that fit fine and see if these could be a go.  I'll be getting birthday money in the next month from both moms and it may just be for this!

*Edit-  I couldn't wait and we went to PB last night to see these in person.  Hmm, in a huge stack of plates, I was not able to find 4 plates that didn't have some kind of glaze issue or scuff.  So I would say if you want them, go to a store because I have a feeling online ordering of this kind of pottery could be a crap shoot.  Just an FYI.  (But I still love it!)

Let's hop on over to Williams-Sonoma!

Figural Pumpkin Bowls, Set of 4

Oh my gravy...this pumpkin bowl is too freakin' cute!  I could totally see a nice bowl of tropical butternut squash soup in there or maybe some butternut squash pasta!  If I had unlimited cupboard space, these babies be mine...mine....MINE!!!  (Maniacal laugh)

Halloween Moon Plates, Set of 4

WHY do I not decorate for Halloween??  Oh yeah, no one ever comes over that time of year for some reason.  But if they did, I would totally make little shortbread witch finger cookies and other spooky treats to serve on these adorable plates!

Adult Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton Apron

This glows in the dark,  I may need to get this.  (If for no other reason that I can buy glow in the dark tape and...never mind.)

What are you crushing on lately?

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  1. I like everything here - if only we had the space for it all. I was sad for you when we looked at those plates. I could see the disappointment but you made the right call in going to see those in person. Just imagine if we had ordered them sight unseen and we got nothing but pock marked plates in the mail - nope!

  2. I love everything on your list! If I lived closer, I'd come over for tea on those Halloween plates (if you invited me of course)! I always decorate for Halloween, but not as much as I used to when the kids were little. And if I had one wish in a house, it would be to have a butler's pantry so I could accommodate all the dishes/serving ware I want(need) husband thinks I'm crazy!

  3. I love the glow in the dark apron. If I actually stopped taking vacation time over Halloween I would totally rock that at work. As far as other dishes you might be interested in, have you looked at the frost pattern from Corelle? Its a white bare tree on a white plate. Really cool. You can see it at

  4. So adorable! Everything is just perfect for our favorite season. =o) I haven't done enough surfing around to find anything I'm crushing on at this point. But I know as soon as I walk in to Kohl's or Hallmark or a place like that I'm going to see loads of fall stuff, which I'll drool over. I think I'm saving myself for the apple orchard because I know everything is so expensive that all I can buy is apple donuts. Har!

  5. I love Fall so much!!! I ordered the fall mat after seeing it on your post. If you're going to order it, you might wanna do it soon. Yesterday it was backordered until Sept 1 and today until Sept 16th. I figure I can still use it for Oct and Nov. I had a merchandise credit with them and have been waiting to find something to use it on. Thank you!!!

    1. Though when I got my confirmation email it says estimated delivery August 31. So who knows!


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