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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stain and canes

This week is hopefully the week for getting things done.  Sunday night, an exasperated Mr declared he was at the point where he wanted everything done.  (Read: "Get the damn table done, woman.")  So I took my bit of wounded ego and began clearing the table of craft remnants and had him remove the legs on one side so we could get the table into the garage.

Monday, it took three coats of stripper to get all of the poly off the tabletop and a good wipedown with mineral spirits to get it ready for staining.  I had to let it sit overnight to dry out completely.  Yesterday, I sanded it down with 320 grit sandpaper, wiped it down and got moving on the staining.  It's a nice dark color now and is patiently waiting in the garage, soaking up the stain and waiting for spray poly so I can begin painting the legs.  Thankfully its supposed to be a little cooler today so I hope it's ready to roll.

I've got a few side projects to work on as well.  It's like the answer to a never-ending-stooor-yyyyyyyyyy.  Ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh!   (For those of you who sang rock.  For those of you scratching your yourself.)

We were going to do PiYo but the disc I put in just kind of instantly put me in a worse mood and I switched to free weights while we previewed it.  I'll have to check out the other discs and see if this is something we even want to bother with.  I like my yoga to be stretchy and relaxing, not moves I can't keep up with.  Plus those two particular ones were really short so they weren't workout worthy, more of an add on.  But I got a good strength session in so I'm glad about that.  Dinner was shrimp and pasta.

I was in need of a mood lift so I popped in Home Alone(affiliate link)  I may have grabbed us a candy cane when he went to see Santa and his elf had taken the rest of his candy canes and he gave Kevin tic tacs.  Don't worry, we could afford it.  My sinuses were thankful to get the stain vapor out of my nose hairs replaced with the strong burn of peppermint.  I also put on a squirt of my new favorite perfume, Provence by Yves Delorme.  I got it in Carmel and when I sniff my wrists, I am transported for a nanosecond.

Hopefully my pillow inserts will arrive today or tomorrow.  While we love our new couches, the lack of pillows are infringing on proper naps neck support.

What movie cheers you up?

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  1. Ok yes I got a bit impatient but getting a sneak peak at the work you've already started on the table tells me it was worth it. It's going to look great!

    1. No, I needed a kick in the butt. I took last week off from the big stuff because I needed to just not look at it but I know it just prolongs the process. I want it done too...I just want someone else to finish it!

  2. Oh my God!! I thought I was the only one that sang the title of that movie!!!

  3. Big projects are hard, especially when you have to stop at certain points and wait for things to dry. That's usually when I lose interest. That's where we are with the bathroom - everything is put in and sealed, and the walls are painted but we had to wait for the paint to dry before we can seal the trim and put it up. Now that we can shower again the real push to finish is kind of gone and it's going to be that much harder to finish.

    I have so many movies I love that make me smile. Depending on my mood - a bunch of teenage angst-y 80s movies (Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, anything by John Hughes), Goonies, a few horror/funny movies (Tremors, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Army of Darkness). And sometimes I just need to watch a sad movie to let me cry and then I feel better after.

    1. Yeah, that's about right where I'm at. "The push to finish is gone." I feel like if I ever see chalk paint again, I'm going to throw it across the room. Trust me, your progress has been much quicker than mine, though I suppose a bathroom would kick my butt into gear a little more! ;-)

      I thought about a Hughes movie, I should've gone with it! If I needed to cry, I probably would've popped in Deep Impact but we watched it a few weeks ago. The last 20 minutes, I'm a heap!

  4. Well I love Home Alone too, even the second one, because he's lost in NYC, and we went to some of those spots he visited, so it brings back memories of a great trip. And of course it's a Christmas movie, and I love all of them. (Wonderful Life being my favorite of that genre.) A movie I could watch over and over and it always brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye is Mr. Holland's Opus.

    1. We actually like Home Alone 2 way better than the first one. (I think because Kevin was a little snot in the first one) I can't wait to go to NYC and visit some of the places. I think we'd need a whole week just dedicated to movie locations I want to see!


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