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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take matter what!

I think we're all pretty guilty of becoming "camera shy" after hitting a certain weight.  I used to be so mad at my mom for hiding from the camera at her heaviest because I just saw my mom and I wanted pictures of her, she saw something different.  I never understood it...until I hit my heaviest too.  I'd always been a ham in front of the camera but one day I saw what other people saw and I was ashamed.

Trying to find TRUE before pics is hard because I have no pics of my absolute highest weight.  I have pics that are *close* to my highest weight by about 20-30 lbs but in my mind I wasn't worth photographing.  In 2008, I decided we're going to take pics regardless of how we look because one day we'll appreciate them.  Last night was that night.  I was looking for pics of a certain person and went through tons of digital pics and came across ones from 2008 through now and I just wanted to cry.  I remember certain outfits and thinking how good I thought I looked but I now see I didn't look good at all.  I looked uncomfortable, bloated and frankly my misery shone through the "funny fat girl" facade.  I thought I was fooling everyone but I wasn't, apparently just myself.

So no matter where you are in your journey, TAKE PICTURES.  It will remind you of where you came from and trying to pretend that person never existed will be the fastest way to get back there. 
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  1. Totally agree with you! I'm so glad ive taken so many pics along the weigh ;) I just found one at my mom's house over the weekend at my highest weight. It's amazing how I didtsee it.

  2. Sorry I'm a bit behind this week. That is a good point. I hate the pictures of me when I was heavier but I also love them because you can see how far you have come. Isn't it funny to see that look in your eyes of trying to hide the sadness but you yourself can see right through it. Glad you stumbled on them so you could get a reminder of how far you have come.

  3. I hate pictures. Period. I hated pictures even when I looked good. It's not the body so much as the face. I have exactly 2 pictures that are basically ok. Every other picture I've ever had taken (including my wedding photos) looks like a mug shot.
    It's something I need to work on though because I don't want my little guy to have no pictures of his mommy.


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