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Friday, February 25, 2011

I think I like it!

The hubby and I were discussing what we eat and how to get a better balance of the protein/fat/carb ratio.  He wondered if lettuce wraps would be a good idea.  I immediately thought of the Boca burgers or peanut butter sandwiches I do and recoiled so that wasn't going to work.  But I do eat tuna fish sandwiches about once or twice a week, I could do lettuce wraps with those.  Better yet, I could do those fancy endive cups you see on Food Network shows for fancier appetizers.

So this grocery trip I bought some endive made up my usual tuna fish mix (1 can Bumblebee tuna in water - triple washed and drained, 2 tbsp light Miracle Whip, green onions, and a touch of pepper).  I peeled back 4 leaves, washed them, cut the ends a little nicer and was able to divide the tuna into 4 portions and they fit perfectly.  It was awesome.  I like a little crunch with my tuna salad whether it's by adding some pea shoots, broccoli slaw mix, lettuce or Claussen pickle slices (drool- but so sodium laden) but these gave a nice crunch and I didn't even miss the bread.  It does make my fat/carb/protein ratio get basically to perfect for my intended plan.  (50 carbs, 25 protein, 25 fat)  So this is a good option for me and kinda makes me feel like a fancy pants too!
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  1. I love lettuce wraps with lean ham, 2% cheese and light mayo. Delish! :)

  2. I like tuna salad. I usually put in a little pickle relish (a little goes a long way) and chopped up celery in mine. This looks really good, I think I'd add seeded, diced tomatoes to mine just because I like them. I definitely like some crunch in my tuna salad. How was the flavor of the endive? I think I've heard it's sort of peppery? Was that true?

  3. Nope, there's absolutely no taste to the endive so it doesn't add anything but texture really. I think argula is supposed to be peppery and maybe radicchio too.

  4. Lettuce wraps are a great idea. Getting a better ratio to my meals is something I'm currently working on. Or at least trying to!

  5. I can lettuce wrap and mind warp (say that 5 times) another food: tacos! And btw.. I make my tuna EXACTLY the same way you do. YU-UUUM


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