Friday, September 29, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #39

We made it to Friday, y'all!  I hope you had a great week and are ready to get some stuff done, relax and whatnot.  You know what time it is so I'm not going to is it the end of September??  This month seemed to throttle by at 85 mph.  We got another successful week under our belts on the walking/exercise front.  Adding strength back in made for some painful days and I'd like to think I'll adjust but I rarely do as my hips/legs are in a constant state of bunge.  

Now let's add up:

The 10 Best Hip Flexor Stretches to Get Loosened Up  (My hips are the tightest they've ever been.  Hopefully these help!)

14 Proven and Healthy Ways to Burn Body Fat Fast   (I always forget about #8.  I'll have to get drinking!)

Why Bedtime Yoga Does Double Duty as a Way To Prepare You for Sleep  (I need to start doing this  (A lot of these can be done in bed so you can do them before bed and when you wake up too to decrunch the stiffness in the morning)

The One Ingredient Gastroenterologists Add to Their Coffee for Better Gut Health. (Ha... this is the only way we can stomach coffee!  If it wasn't prescribed by a doctor, we wouldn't drink that swill at all!)

8 Surprising Uses for Hemorrhoid Cream. (It's not just for wrinkles anymore!  Will have to give some cream a test to see if it works for the suitcases I've been carrying under my eyes the past few years)

7 Kitchen Hacks That Make Eating Healthy So Much Easier  (Oy, stop using the word "hack" when it's merely a tip. 🙄)

Why It's So Difficult to Forgive a Parent (It gets pretty hard when someone is given repeated times to show up for you your entire life and doesn't.  Even if you think you're okay with how things are, something like, oh I don't know, not checking in with your only child to see how she's doing after her mother died just triggers all of the old BS and what the hell is wrong with you that you are so easy to leave behind?  So thanks for that.)

Why Has a Useless Cold Medication Been Allowed on Shelves for Years?  (I could've told you that.  That crap NEVER worked for me!)

60 Best Fall Quotes to Celebrate the Beauty of Autumn (Now bring on the TEMPS to go with the season please!)

We're rolling into schpooky movie season.  We've already watched a few and I'm ready to pop da corn and move into Michael Myers and Jason territory.  (We tend to watch the ones we like a little less at the beginning so when October nears the middle and end we've got all of the good stuff like Freddy, Scream and obviously, It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

Got any weekend shenanigans on tap?  An apple orchard?  Pumpkin patch?

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  1. It's going to be in the 80s here this weekend. Its Wisconsin. So I cannot pumpkin patch until it gets into a more reasonable 60. Like the next week.

    1. Cheezi baby!!! So good to see you! Ugh, us too and the 10 day says 60s next weekend but I'll believe it when I see it as I've watched those things change many times as it gets closer. ,🙄

  2. I want the pumpkin cookies and apple cider donuts but I don't want the crowds. Plus I'm with Cheezchick on the temperature needing to be lower. But either way it's time for the horror movies!

    1. Word up. We need to find a place where you can order online and they bring it to your car. Or we go at 10am on a Tuesday.

  3. My plans for the weekend are 1) watching Freddy vs Jason, and 2) Sunday, since it's officially October watching It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown! I have been obsessed with Charlie Brown since I was around 5 and used to cut out Charlie Brown comic strips out of the news paper! I might make some apple crisp also.

    1. Aww, that means you'll be watching the nuggety Jason Ritter! I think we're going to start working on Halloween/Fri the 13th. There is no more squishy inducing comfort than a Charlie Brown special especially the Great Pumpkin. Ooh, apple crisp sounds awesome! You've got the perfect Fall weekend ahead!

  4. We are 85 degrees on average the next five days....boooooo! The leaves are already changing and the day was very yellow with leaves on the ground. Not quite sure of weekend plans other than working tomorrow for month-end. Need to get some grocery shopping done and one more load of laundry.
    Have a super weekend and get out and about for a drive if you can! P.S. AWESOME job with the walking/exercise this week!!!!!!

    1. OMG, those are horrible temps and we're right there with you too. So unnatural! We walked tonight and it was 73 but this grody muggy 73 and we were getting attacked by gnats so I immediately showered. Sounds like a productive weekend ahead and thanks so much on the walking. It's nice to put Mom's smiley stickers up every day on the calendar. It's like she's cheering us on! :)


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