Friday, September 22, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #38

It's here!  It's here!!!  The last day of summer.  Not that the change of seasons will mean much tomorrow but as long as it isn't summer anymore, especially this one, is all I care about.  I'd like the lower temps to stay in tact because it will be crucial to us staying on track with walking.  My second opinion appointment was worth it because I was told that she 100% does not believe it's anything nefarious and certainly nothing that needed a 'just in case' biopsy in a spot that would be incredibly painful.  (They even had the biopsy stuff available right there so they were ready to do it that day if need be.)  The Mr was with me and I asked him if he was okay with that because he was very concerned given what doctors have missed.  I didn't see any of the telltale signs of melanoma at the toenail and even the original place who was going to biopsy said that isn't what she suspected and it wasn't listed in the notes.  This woman's goal is to give it 3-6 months to grow out and now that I've gone back to Brooks instead of those toe wrecking New Balance Rocker shoes, we'll see how it goes.  She said she noted if I see any changes at all that are worrisome they will get me right back in.  I'm good with that and so is the Mr.  I honestly don't have it in me right now.  I'm already just waiting to exhale after my gynie appointment in 3 weeks and don't need two things to worry about.  Just leave me alone to grieve please.  Speaking of which, after the German girl who I had to keep saying "what" to after every other question left the room to get the physician's assistant for my exam, I thought of Mom and burst into tears.  When I went to grab a tissue, they were of course the brand at the hospital when we were there with Mom.  I couldn't get myself under control before she came in the room with a cheery "hi!"  I'm like "Hi!"


I explained I just lost my mom and sorry, I can't seem to control when the tears come.  She was thankfully very understanding and I told her it was because the tissues were the same as in the hospital.  But nope...just me...losin' my shit on the daily especially if I'm in public!  Yay.

Now let's get lost in:


Why Your Balance Gets Worse With Age and What to Do About It  (Time to start some single leg deadlifts or get the balance board I found the other day back out.  My balance is pure shite.)

The Best Ways to Take Notes so You Actually Remember Information  (Good info for anyone looking to have something soak into the noggin.)

How to prepare your house for autumn  (Or my version.  Peanuts Fall mugs by Pottery Barn, pumpkin burlap pic of my Mom's, Great Pumpkin flannel sheets done!)

Vintage Fall Decor Ideas (Crap!  That reminds me I have some amber bottles floating around here somewhere I bought last year.  If I start looking now I should be able to find them by next Fall!)

Who Was the Actual Voice of the ’80s? (Excellent trip down memory lane!)

I would like to get the house in some semblance of order.  I don't even know what that means but I guess I'll know it when I see it.   Boxes have been delivered and it looks like an Amazon warehouse in here.  I'd really love some appropriate Fall weather please.  These 80's can kiss my butt!  Since we haven't been able to walk in the mornings anymore, I feel like a stink bomb when we get home because even "75" with blazing sun feels 10 degrees warmer and my fuzzy socks and hoodies are on standby.

Any weekend plans in your future?

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  1. A good house cleaning is never a bad idea. Getting started on it is the hardest part of course. Have a good weekend everyone!

  2. Tee hee hee... you said, "I'm reading this as go to Hobby Lobby." That just gave me the giggle fits. SO very happy to hear the good news from the toe doc! That's one thing you can take off your list and can just monitor, and hopefully the Brooks will help the toe heal quicker since it wasn't have that rubbing all the time. I do hope you can get some house stuff done so you enjoy putting some fall decorations up and enjoying those at nighttime as you watch some tv.
    Pretty much the same for me. I did the feeding job Wednesday night so I have tomorrow night off so that's four solid days of being home at night! I really want to get all the laundry done, including bedding and blankets in the living room. I think that would help freshen things up nicely. I have mostly house stuff to do and very few errands, so here's hoping I can report a productive weekend come Monday. xoxoxo


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