Friday, September 1, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #35

The first Friday of September.  Yeesh.  Normally the beginning of my favorite time of year.  Does everyone have a long weekend?  I hope so!  I remember at Memorial Day weekend when we were fresh off of our trip to Maine and I thought "I can't wait for Labor Day weekend so summer can start thinking of packing up and gettin' the heck out of here."  Oh past had no idea.  😞

We've got two weeks until we need mom's stuff out of her apartment so no time to rest for us.  I don't know when that is but I also fear the rest too because then there is truly nothing left to do but be slapped in the face with our new reality full time.  Again, I can't thank you all enough for hanging in with me as I work through this.  I know this has not been a cheery place to be, not that it ever really was but you know what I mean!

Now let's jump into:

Drop sets can help you build muscle in half the time, new research suggests. Here's how to do them  (Wow!  This is really interesting.  I think we're going to have to incorporate these!)

Want to Age Well? Do This One Stretch Every Morning Before Getting Out of Bed. (Ooh, just did it and yep, that'll be a habit I need to get into!)

5 Mistakes You Might Make When You Wipe That Can Be Bad for Your Butt  (Uh yeah, if you think I can pull off #3 seated with my gut in the way, thoust art mistaken)

How to Remember Your Dreams in 5 Steps, According to Sleep Specialists  (Welp, guess I need to give up my nightly blow habit.)

The Healing Power of Reminiscing  (We'll go dancing in the dark, walking through the park and reminisciiiiing.)

8 secrets to faking a clean house (Oh good...I need this!  If anyone was stopping by I'd be grabbing this and sweeping everything in there and chucking it in the basement!)

How to overcome decision fatigue – decluttering tricks to make everyday life less exhausting  (Are you sensing a theme?  We both suffer from decision fatigue so you can imagine the crap show we're living in.  Actually, you can't.)

“5 stages of grief” is a myth — and knowing that helps us better cope with loss (Yep.  In the book I'm reading it says the author NEVER intended it to be labeled as the 'cage' it has become in dealing with grief.  It was supposed to be a loose idea of what to expect.  Leave it to people to glom onto something and screw it up.)

Finally! A Definitive List of What Those F1 – F12 Keys Do  (You mean OTHER than irritate me when I accidently click one!?  And now that I've read it, I'd say probably keep me away from those! 😂)

I get to go through my first of "the firsts" as it's my birthday weekend.  


I never really do anything for my birthday anyway other than open a card from mom with birthday money (we agreed to do that about 10 years ago so we could squirrel away money for impulse buys when we came upon them 😆), eat cake the Mr got me and he and my friends do a wonderful job of spoiling me with presents.  Even though I didn't usually see her for my birthday anymore, she will still be sorely missed and I know she'll be spending it with me anyway.  I know it will be a hard weekend but I also need to shellac the wood on the wall behind my bed because the fumes are still CHOKING 9 months later and now I can't help but think of what it's doing to my insides.  I feel like she's making it stronger because she knows what it's doing to my insides.  So PRAY shellacking takes care of that outgassing because if it doesn't, the bedroom is about to get real ugly, yo.

What's on tap for your weekend?  Anyone going on an unofficial end of summer adventure?

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  1. Happy Birthday my precious friend!! I know this is going to be such a rough one, on so many levels, but I do hope you feel her presence and it puts a smile on your face at different times throughout the weekend. I hope the bedroom project works for you too -- that would be a huge relief for you!!
    Busy weekend with chores and work. Gonna be hot for the next week or so in the mid 90s so I'll be indoors as much as possible!

  2. I understand that this birthday is not one that is going to feel great but I do hope you allow yourself to celebrate the day that your Mom brought you into this world in the first place. She will be there with us, I'm sure of that!


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