Friday, July 28, 2023

What I'm Reading This Week #30

Hello hello and happy Friday to you all!  I hope you crammed a ton of what you had to do into the week so you can spend the weekend doing what you want to do!  The Mr had some excitement Wednesday in the form of his first of four vein procedures for varicose veins.  He had them treated by an RF procedure back in 2002 and while it seemed to do the trick for the most part, it never fully took.  When he finally asked the vein guy at our dermatologist office about it after seeing similar treated pics, he recoiled and was like "you need your veins stripped."  After looking up potential side effects on that procedure, we assumed there was nothing we could do.  The next day I was looking for something on a Google map and smack in the middle was a vein center up the street.  I had him call, they did a consultation and said they do RF WAY different now and it has to be done in stages, scans to make sure it did it's thing and then move to the next one...none of which was done 20 years ago.  So he goes in for round two next week and I'm sure even though he was getting a procedure done, it was still a nice respite from the rest of our lives right now.

Now let's jump into:

3 Exercises That Will Help You Build a Strong Spine. (I never really thought about this until my lower back started sounding like one of those 80's burple accordion containers!😆)

5 Healthy Foods That Can Be Sneakily High in Sodium  (Why does it feel like everything is blatantly high in sodium much less sneaky!)

Protein Before a Workout or After? Here's What a Dietitian Says (Skip to the bottom article to get past their pussy footin' around.  Wouldn't that be funny though if articles had titles like that and you'd open it to a one word or sentence response and go about your life?  "Is it safe to eat Schnauzberries?"  *open article*  "Yes.")

7 Things You Should Never Do on an Empty Stomach. (I can tell you grocery shopping is never a great idea!  "Oh, how did the ingredients for s'mores end up in there while I'm dealing with a mental crisis.)

Are Artificial Sweeteners Actually Bad For You?  (I really struggle with this.  I have about two packets of stevia and two packets (down from four) of sweet and low a day.  I'm more worried about the potential gut effects than anything and really want to try to wean off and see if I can get to a point I can do 2 tsp of sugar a day in coffee/tea.)

How to Treat and Prevent Sunburn Blisters, According to a Doctor (Look what they have listed is fine but if you want actual relief, use the salve of my people from back in the day: Noxema. I had a wicked case of sun poisoning back in the day and that was the only stuff that moisturized and soothed the sting.)

Why Does My Stomach Growl, and What’s Normal? Doctors Explain  (Also known around these parts as "howlin' bowels.")

This Facial Claims to Ease Chronic TMJ Pain; Here's My Honest Review. (I remember getting a massage a few years ago and she worked on my TMJ muscles and holy shite balls was that uncomfortable!  But I imagine with some YouTube videos and consistency I might actually be able to get relief on the cheap.  I'm definitely considering one of the metal reflexology tools in the article though with some education on how to use it.)

Why Is TV Called the ‘Boob Tube’?  (I was born in the 70's, I thought there was more of a Benny Hill type connotation! 😂)

Miss a post here this week?  If you're in the mood to cry or say "thank God that isn't us", click below:

This weekend will be like any weekend in July, spending what time we have left with Mom.  She is in a facility now and it is our absolute worst nightmare.  ZERO care for 4 hours and it wasn't until the Mr raised polite hell after 3 hours with no oxygen that he said "she's STAGE FOUR, she needs oxygen!!"  Her nurse isn't even on the same side as her and sure as hell never came in to check on her.  If I thought my stress and anxiety was high before?!  Who knew there is actually something worse than being told terminal?  We're there.

Please share some normalcy with us!  What do you have going on this weekend?

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  1. Happy Friday!
    I installed a new disposal and it won't power up so troubleshooting that and replacing garage opener belt. Too much fun for 1 weekend 😂
    I found out how to hook up the oxygen at the home and did it myself at the bed or changed out cannisters on the wheelchair.
    Effing ridiculous

    1. The wonderful world of home ownership eh?! Try to fit some fun in there! 😉

  2. I'll refrain from harping about the deplorable state of healthcare in this country and just wish everyone a great weekend!

    1. about an oxymoron! They don't give a rip about your health. Let's grab a wagon and roll her the hell out of this shit hole!!!

    2. I 911'ed my Mama out of 2 skilled nursing facilities where they thought she was fine. Hospital kept her several days both times.

  3. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with a horrible nursing home. For someone who is brand new to their facility, the complete lack of care is abominable. I hope things improve in that area greatly this weekend and you can have some comfort that mom is being looked after. Big hugs to everyone. xoxoxo


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