Monday, July 10, 2023

Lazy Then Crazy Weekend Recap

Howdy do all!  I hope you had a relaxing weekend!  We had plans to maybe go on a drive but the Mr woke up with a headache and I was still just kind of decompressing from all of the events of last week.  He got some of our favorite pastries from a cafĂ© to surprise me with upon waking so that was a lovely thing to enjoy with morning coffee and finishing up the episode of Project Fear we fell asleep on the night before.  She was released from the hospital Friday and was staying with family who have a same level bathroom and such.  One of the meds for a secondary condition is working well and some smaller things are improving which is all we can ask for right now.  We talked about all of things you usually discuss when awaiting results like this and ended up staying in bed until 1pm!!  I think we just needed it and to be able to take a breath because I have a feeling that's going to be one of the last times we can for a while.  

We grabbed lunch and then decided to get a few geocaches as well.  A couple of park and grabs and a swing and a miss because if you think I'm trudging through poison ivy into the woods, you don't know me but thankfully there was another one at that cemetery so it wasn't a total waste.

(WHY do places do that with coloring the water like that?!  Looks so weird!)

(The Mr bridge trolling it for a smiley.)

We did see a deer at one of them though which was kind of cool.

(How do?  (Anyone else have a Pixel phone and when it's zoomed all the way, it looks like you put some shitty photoshop filter on it from the 90's?)

Then we chilled the rest of the night.

Yesterday we had grocery pick ups, much of which was for Mom's freezer.  She doesn't cook for herself so it's always that high sodium restaurant food and that needs to change.  She was worried since her freezer was purged, she wasn't going to have ready made food.  I told her I could cook her up some stuff and she took me up on it.  I'm cautious though.  I've been down this road before having filled her freezer several other times in the past after spending hours of hobble inducing time only to see it's still there a year later and ended up having to get purged in a clean out.  We'll see if she actually eats this stuff.  We're waiting on her Hot Logic Mini to arrive and figure once she starts treatment that in the mornings she can throw whatever premade meal in there and it'll be ready when she is.  Then if she can't finish it or gets queasy and doesn't want to go to the fridge to put it away, she can stick it back in there until she's ready for more.  When I say our freezer is full, it's FULL.

I had those prep containers left over from the last chemo patient, my second mom from childhood a few years ago went through this and she unfortunately did not win her fight.  I shed a tear having to break those out and hoping for a better result.  

I've got 12 meals, a batch of wrapped banana muffins, a box of turkey sausage/egg white breakfast sandwiches and 3 pouches of cubed chicken to dump into something else for more protein like salads, etc.  That pretty much broke me for the rest of the day.  The Mr was kind enough to get three pictures ready for hanging so they aren't sitting around waiting to get damaged and not doing their jobs of absorbing eau de' douche from our earholes.  The Mr basically blacked out on the couch.  I rolled my legs as best I could but I was not going to be able to do a workout or basically stand.  I'm not proud but we got dinner out too because we were both just friggin' exhausted, everything was a mess and getting to the food was going to be irritating.  I assume we'll be dropping the food off today so hopefully I can get back to everything and workout and try to undo the damage I did this weekend because the vacation weight is not coming off and I cannot afford to add on.

How was your weekend?  Anything exciting?

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  1. You did so much work yesterday that I would consider it a workout even if it wasn't a traditional kind. The weekend went pretty fast as they usually do. Hoping we get some better news soon!

  2. I'm glad you had a nice relaxing day of rest before you had a super busy day of food prepping. Hopefully you'll have more answers today.
    Weekend was good. Did the usual routine, but had the wonderful delight of watching two people get baptized in the water at church. That was awesome and I had to wipe a few tears away. Pastor was funny too, and that helped the lady who was worried about getting "dunked." lol


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