Monday, July 31, 2023

Happy Birthday to the Best


I will have a weekend recap tomorrow but today, I celebrate my bestie's birthday.  You see her, along with the Mr, regularly commenting here.  I cannot praise her enough for the ways she has made my life better since we met up through Sparkpeople.  She always has a wonderful perspective and truly the kindest heart of anyone I know.  She has been through crap that would make 90% of us bitter and cold hearted to others yet there she is, giving of herself and thinking of others consistently.  She has cheered my victories, been a shoulder an embarrassing amount of times, politely told me if I might be misreading a situation, gets fired up on my behalf which is too stinking cute and has been a pillar of support this past month with Mom's health crisis to both the Mr and I.  

So today, dear friend, as I still curse the skies we don't live close enough to each other to take your pup for a walk together or do retail therapy, I am with you in the highest of spirits celebrating the wonderful person you are.  I am wishing you every good thing as you start your next year and raise my water bottle to you!  Thank you for being the absolute best!  

Now, go open your presents! 🥳 🎁

Give my bestie a birthday shout out and/or comment how long you've been friends with your best friend or share a funny story about your favorite shenanigans!  

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  1. Happy Birthday!! You have been such a great friend to both of us and I appreciate you! Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Birthday Bestie 😍.
    You are both so lucky to have each other. My bestie lives 150 miles away, 40 years of hanging out.
    I couldn't do life without her.
    Have a great week!

  3. It is 6pm and I'm finally logging on for the first time. After the craptastic day I just had, this make me cry -- in the very best way!! What a sweet birthday tribute you gave me! Thank you my honey bunches of o's!! Considering I feel like Miss Fumble-iya with my emails it heartens me to know that you DO feel the love and support I'm trying to give, even though I feel like I fail miserably in that department. I love you and my heart is crushed with what you are going through. I'm so thankful we can be there for each other and can always manage to say something funny, even in the most morbid of times, because somehow that helps us breathe a little easier. I just now opened up my presents and squee'd in delight! So you will have a thank you coming your way as soon as I can unpeel my eyelids from my forehead after staring (and cursing) a computer all day for way too many hours than I should have been. Thank you to you and the Mr. for being the gold in the pot of friendship. Me very own Lucky Charms (said in appropriate accent). xoxoxoxo


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