Monday, July 17, 2023

That Didn't Go As Planned Weekend Recap

Monday already, eh?  I hope you were able to squeeze in a copious amount of fun and productivity!  Or sat on your butts if that's what you required.  We required a bit of a mental break but that's not what we got and I have a feeling that will be the case for the foreseeable future.

We started out trying to do normal stuff like, you know, adding water arrestors to the back of a brand new washer because it sounded like the house was shaking every time water was dispensed during the spin cycle.  A lovely thing that could eventually eff up the newly replaced pipes and probably would've been catastrophic with the old ones.  

Ahh the joys of adulthood.

Then came all of the other stuff.  First off, how do people survive when they need to go to the hospital?  We are stunned at the doctors and incompetence we have encountered since the beginning of the month.  I should not have to call EIGHT people for biopsy results that have been sitting for a week all to still never get that answer.  Yes, I can (and did) interpret those results for myself and another family member but it is NOT my responsibility to give my impression of those results to my mother who would have questions and then hope what I was saying was right and not upsetting her unnecessarily.   We finally got someone who was not happy with when she had her first oncologist appointment either and got that moved up to this week so we were all overjoyed it looked like she could get a plan together two weeks sooner than originally told.  Now she's in the hospital with pneumonia (which most sites say she may have picked up at the hospital the first time.  Yes, let's stick someone in a hospital/ER with a suspected lung issue then not put a mask on her to protect her.)  I was not expecting to go to pneumonia so quickly.  We thought that came with chemo which who knows when that will happen now.  One of the initial doctors was an absolute bitch and actually hurt her on an exam that still hurts days later.  If I see her again, she will not be smiling after I give her a piece of my mind, that's for sure.  

I read other results that sent me into a tailspin as I was researching and I updated some people who would be treating her in case they needed to know those numbers ahead of time to prepare a better treatment plan for her.  When the Mr and I went to the hospital Saturday, we walked in on her finally, after a FULL WEEK of the results sitting there, getting her official diagnosis from a doctor.  An actual good doctor who said that their medical system failed her which, thank you, but still not acceptable.  He told her that it's not a death sentence and has end stage patients living 5-10 years.  I hope he plans on her being one of them!   He gave some other not great news and she had to have some procedures done which we left for and came back after.  He said they would look for the original source of the cancer so that would be what is treated and he gave the unfortunate hypothetical of the cancer that took a family member.  I made a mental note because I knew she was going to interpret that as that's what he said she had and when we were alone, she did say that.  We explained it was a hypothetical and he should've used air quotes and without knowing our family history, chose a bad example.  I told her there was nothing noted so far at the organ mentioned that showed that to be true, not that it couldn't be, but the likelihood was smaller so I hope that put her at ease.  Some bittersweet moments ensued, some tears were shed and I think we helped take her mind off of the pain of the procedure she had.  These are not the memories I want to make with her but still mean a lot nonetheless.  

Sunday was pretty much a long haul day for us since some people were unable to make it to be with her. Well, we'll say everything went to shit and I've never had 7 hours feel like seven days.  You know when you sign a waiver before a procedure to say "I know bad crap can happen but you're making me sign this paper so....". Well, a bad thing happened and let's just say at this point almost everything she's being treated for are things they've done and mistakes made.  At this point, I pretty much wonder if every time I see her will be the last and I dread every day because just when you think it can't get worse, it does.  Any prayers would be appreciated.  Sorry to be a bummer but that's where we're at right now.

What did you do this weekend?  I need to hear normal stuff!

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  1. I am appalled at how inept a hospital can be. I know any procedure like that is risky but you would think they would have a protocol to follow up with an x ray a few hours after just to check for the complication like that instead of discharging someone in that scenario. Keeping up the prayers!

  2. Hugs to all of you. I understand the inneptness of the medical community both through my hubs cancer and my Mom's journey last year. Reach out anytime, I sent you a PM. Prayers going up daily


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