Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Hump Day request


Hello all!

Just a note asking for some prayers/good thoughts/however you choose to phrase it, for my mom.  We're dealing with a serious health issue with her and have been thrown a lot of info but none of it feels like answers yet.  

All I can tell you is the same thing I've said countless times in the your own advocate.  No one else lives in your body.  If something feels wrong that is a big warning sign and if it is dismissed by your doctor and still doesn't sit well, get a second opinion.  You will not hurt their feelings no matter how long you've been going to them.  You have to put your health first, no one can force you to do it.  Please don't potentially deprive people who love you of the gift of your presence in their lives because you ignored something that could've been treatable earlier.

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  1. No truer words have been written. Prayers all around that we get some good answers soon!

  2. So true, a good friend is going through that regret right now and its heartbreaking 💔. Prayers for Mama


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