Monday, July 3, 2023

Hanging in There Weekend Recap

Happy 3rd of July!  What does that mean?  To quote Dark Helmet...absolutely nothing.

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We ran out and grabbed lunch Saturday.  We tried a few caches and inevitably some were blocked by people (not cachers) so we couldn't get them and one was in a patch of poison ivy but we finally got one in a cemetery to break the frustrating streak and a park and grab in a weird location.  (A dealership parking lot!)   I finally got around to opening up some pics I ordered only to find the company SERIOUSLY has cheaped out since my last order a few weeks ago going to cheaper backing, brackets and a frame.  One of them was unacceptable and damaged and we were planning on hanging it this weekend so instead I had to open a ticket telling them it needed to be reprinted and shipped at their expense.  If I don't hear from them then I'm going to have to put a dispute on the credit card which is a pain in the ass.  We didn't really do a ton Saturday.

Sunday we chilled in the morning then I made cookout vittles of Beyond Sausage for a brat, some chips and corn on the cob.  Then it was time to work on yet another soundproofing project that is our Hail Mary for the stairwell.  To say we were nervous about this part is an understatement.  It's very dangerous using a ladder in a stairwell but it was that or pay a few hundred bucks anyway to have yet another contractor come in and hang it.  We got this stair leveler for the straight ladder we bought similar to this one.  Then it was time to get a-hangin'.

As you can see, we fancily taped some bubble wrap around the ladder ends so it didn't damage the newish paint job in the hall.  We did some math on the back and right side wall to line those up and got three pics hung and the wall buddy up for the 4th pic that is being made.

We both noticed a TREMENDOUS difference in the amount of echo after getting those hung up.  Before it sounded like an echo tube when we clapped which sent the echo throughout the whole second floor.  We also used to hear horrible echo just talking at the top of the stairs.  It'll be a week before we have all of the pictures up but the effort seems worth it so far.  I'm crossing everything I have two of that it will make some kind of difference in what I hear in the middle of the night.  (3am edit: Nope.  No difference in thuds 🙄).   Then it was time for a strength session even though it was late and we did Turbo Fire Sculpt with resistance bands and I swear every time we are totally wiped after that!

Then it was just trying to wind down after that and ready ourselves for the new week.

How was your weekend?  Did you take today off for an extended weekend?

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  1. Glad we got those all hung up and it was nice to get an immediate benefit for a change with the reduced echo. Looks great too!


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