Friday, December 30, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #52

Happy final Friday of 2022!  Good riddance you rat bastard.  


I mean, thank you for the lessons and hoping for a friggin' quiet year for once.  


I beg of you.

I hope you are recovered from Christmas and ready to kick out the old year and welcome the new one.  Obviously, we are!

Now let's kick into:

5 Natural Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Start Feeling Your Best  (I think we all feel inflamed one way or another this month!)

The 8 Best Mobility Exercises for When Your Body Feels Too Tight to Function  (Me like every day of the week!)

The 5 Best Night Guards, According to Dentists  (I may need to upgrade mine or like, you know, wear it.)

Your Next Doctor's Appointment May Include an Anxiety Screening. Here's Why — and What to Expect   (Yep, ours did and I made it clear with dementia in the family, don't even suggest any meds from the drug companies they were in cahoots with.  I said cahoots.)

21 Healthy Soup Recipes Perfect For Warming You Up This Cozy Season  (Some yummy options!  I'm sure many of us are over elaborate cooking right now!)

7 Common Types of Food Bacteria, and How to Avoid Getting Sick  (Don't forget it can't sit out all day.)

How Long Does a Water Heater Last? - When to Replace It  (Oh I don't know, maybe when it sounds like someone shooting buckshot underwater every time it's reheating and someone uses water?  "No flushing required" my ass.)

Why January Is the Deadliest Month of the Year  (Be careful out there y'all!)

6 Feng Shui Tips To Set You Up For Success In The New Year  (After the chaos time to clear da cluttah!)

16 Spiked Hot Chocolate Recipes to Drink Over the Holidays  (Perhaps ring in the new year with something different than champagne!)

We are cozying in for a quiet NYE and will probably watch this 80's Dick Clark Rockin' Eve which I can confirm is quite fun.  We did that before one year and it was nice to pretend we weren't in the times we are now.  😆  This holiday season was definitely not the greatest for me- I was exhausted but I'm ready to just chill this weekend and take in the last of it.

Any plans for New Years Eve or keeping it laid back?

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  1. Goodbye 2022. Don't let the door hit you on your way out ya filthy animal. Happy New Year everyone!

  2. I'm always relieved when the holidays are over because they aren't a happy time for me, so I'm thrilled to start fresh in the new year. We'll be asleep way before midnight and don't have anything planned other than watching a lot of football and me doing some reading in between games. Have a great New Year's celebration!


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