Friday, December 2, 2022

What I'm Reading This Week #48

Happy first Friday of December all!  I hope you had a lovely week and are gearing up for yuletide season!  I can't believe it's already been a week since Thanksgiving so I know this time of year will suck down the toilet if you don't listen to Ferris Bueller:

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I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who commented/messaged here and on Facebook on Wednesday's post.  It was a hard one to write but I got a few 'welfare checks' after not showing up the previous week and I always want to be honest with the people who have stuck with us for so long.  I am so sorry for those of you who can relate and like the old Bartles and Jaymes commercials:


Now's let's get to:

What Really Happens to Your Body When You Lift Weights Every Day  (You can keep the nutcracker as a decoration and use your biceps to crack walnuts?)

4 Things to Cut Back on for a Healthier Gut  (Christmas cookies, nog, whole bottles of wine and holiday stress?)

Dry Throat? Here's What Your Body's Trying to Tell You (Usually mine's telling me "drink some water, fool" (points if you read it in Mr. T's voice) or "you slept in a room with stain/paint/caulk like substances again when you thought it was safe.")

How To Fall Asleep When You’re Riled Up About Something Happening the Next Day  (When you're just wishing you were 'future you' and it was all over.)

Eating Time Can Seriously Affect Metabolic Health, New Study Says  (Oh FFS, we're supposed to eat later to 'intermittent fast' now the study says no and next week it'll say to eat chocolate covered bacon oatmeal while standing on one foot.  Seriously, I'm so over every single thing being WRONG or contradictory!  *steps off soapbox*)

How To Use Tea To Transform Your Oatmeal  (Would you like a spot of tea in your oats?)

The Best Wood Stains for Pine  (I can tell you this much, don't forget your wood conditioner beforehand or it'll be a splotchy mess.)

Maroon 5’s Original Drummer on Taking a Career Break for Mental Health  (Wow, never knew this!  What an interesting story and I bet the book is going to be a good one even if you're not a fan of the group.)

Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter Christine McVie dies at 79  (So sad as Fleetwood Mac was the soundtrack to my early childhood.  Fly high songbird.)

How the Cassette Became the Hottest "New" Audio Format  (Cracks me up when people discover a "new" old format like they invented fire.)

It feels like it's been a looooong cold winter for us with this reno taking up 6 months of the year so I am ready to do anything that doesn't involve paint, caulk, wood, hanging crap or grouting!  For those asking, the bedroom reveal will be probably around two weeks from now as I'm waiting on one more thing to arrive to take final pics and have to update all related project posts.  I hope it will be worth the wait!

Anything on your holiday to do list happening this weekend or just chillin' with some cocoa and Hallmark movies?  (Inquiring minds want to know!)

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  1. Yep, Ferris knows what he's talking about. Life does move fast and we have to force it to slow down sometimes, it's only fair. Have a great, relaxing and slow weekend everybody!

  2. Today is both grocery stores as the hubs just came into the room to see if we could do both stores today instead of one tomorrow because the World Cup game is on. I'd forgotten so now I'm excited to get done with humanity a day early! LOL I need to finish wrapping the hub's Christmas gifts, then must do laundry that's overflowing from the hamper. Car wash today because it'll be 50 degrees, then 20 tomorrow. Pfft. That's as far as my brain has gone so far the weekend. Ha! Enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend NOT doing projects! The only scents you need to be smelling are cocoa, pine, and cozy fireplace. =o)


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