Friday, November 12, 2021

What I'm Reading This Week #46

Happy Friday all!  I hope you had a wicked good week and are ready for some weekend tomfoolery!  We had a pretty low key week and I'm just ready to chill with my honey.  We got in a lot of walks again and some strength training but we were feeling it for sure.

It's time to get to...

A Psychologist's 3 Underrated Hacks To Dispel Nervous Energy  (Tis the season!  (Or for some of us...everyday.))

‘All in the Family’ was America’s family, warts and all  (I watch it a few times a week.  SO many lessons people could still learn by watching it- just like Archie eventually did.)

Absolutely do not change your voicemail greeting if you're lost without service (Good tips to know if anyone out there does some serious hiking)

Wil Wheaton gave a perfect explanation of how to separate problematic artists from their art (I absolutely agree with this!!  You have to make your OWN choice and by continuing to watch or not watch certain movies or listen to certain music doesn't mean you condone what they did/are accused of.  It's not anyone's business to condemn anyone else who doesn't agree with their decision either way, as well.)

Holiday Shipping Deadlines That Will Get Your Gifts There on Time  (Nope.  I don't trust them.  These are the same friggin' shipping deadlines they release every year and yet I remember very vividly waiting 4 months for something last year.  Etsy customers complaining in swarms about waiting weeks for something promised in a few days but got lost in the abyss that was/is the USPS with no tracking updates.  Heck, even earlier this year when I sent a card for my best friend to open on the morning of her wedding with 2 'cushion days' to spare, she got it 3 WEEKS LATER.  All of my Cmas packages are shipping out 12/1 and not through USPS because I actually want them to arrive especially since they've added time with their latest overhaul.  I know the other carriers are going to be overwhelmed too but I've had better luck with them being consistent.  I'm not telling you when to ship your stuff out but I sure as heck wouldn't follow these guidelines assuming you get anything you order off the ships if you haven't started your shopping yet.  Consider shopping small/local this (and every) year or you could have a bigger crap show on your hands than we had last year.  Obviously, I have no opinion on the subject!  Bwaahaha!)

Nothing on the agenda but maybe some cleaning.   Thrilling, I know.

Anything planned for your weekend?  Anyone putting up holiday decorations?

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  1. I think I will put up the Christmas lights this weekend as it seems like the right time for it. Won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving but at least they'll be up while temps are a little milder. Have a great weekend everybody!

  2. There have been some deaths and soon-to-be deaths this week, so it's been a bit rough. Because we had mild weather the past couple of weeks a lot of people have put up their outdoor decorations and some have them lit already, which is pretty to look at. I started listening to Christmas music on Nov 7th when a local station started its annual 24/7 for the season. I have no major plans other than a check up today, then I'll meet the hubs at the grocery store to get that done early, then it's house stuff as we watch the snow fly. Since I'm McGrumperson this week, perhaps I can muster up a good cry to shake myself out of it (it's ridiculously hard for me to cry -- which is plain sad!). It's going to be downright cold this weekend and the winds are already blowing. Brrrr.... Have a great weekend!


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